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Vapor in Column Backflow

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44 minutes ago, JustAndy said:

This is a Kothe, and I imagined they would have the kinks worked out at this point as I've seen the same setup at numerous distilleries. I've used a smaller one at a different facility which has worked flawlessly with no modifications from factory original for 2000+ distillations, so I was surprised at all the issues with this installation.



I'm sorry, I thought that you were referencing the OPs DYE still.  If the dip tube in the Kothe is not under liquid then that is the problem.  If the dip tube is above the liquid level and there are no P traps, foot valves or check valves then the column will not drain and it will flood every time.  i would say that this still was designed to function fine as long as the liquid level does not drop below the bottom of the dip tube.  The minimum operating capacity is probably around 350 gallons at 10% ABV.  They can probably solve the problem by making the dip tube longer.  Have they asked Kothe about this problem?  It's my understanding that once you get your equipment it is very hard to get a reply from them, if you have issues or questions.

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On 12/3/2017 at 5:17 PM, Southernhighlander said:

We use both a dip tube in the still pot and P traps at the bottom of each offset column to keep back flow from occurring.  A J tube can be used in the still pot instead a dip tube, but I think that a dip tube is more of a sure thing.   There are other design flaws that will cause columns to flood.

What other design flaws are you referring? We've got one of your stills in my operation...still have issues with flooding in the second column when we do vodka runs. Makes it hard to maintain purity at a decent collection rate. From some previous reading in the forum seemed people have tapped a hole in the return tube where it makes a 90 deg turn down towards the bottom of the kettle...we gave that a go but didn't solve. Would appreciate any additional feedback. We tried calling you about a year ago about it but didn't get too much help on suggestions. 

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Hi infinite beverage.  Due to a very subtle design issue that caused a few of our stills to have a vapor locking kind of issue we had a a few of our stills with multiple columns have some flooding  in the last column in the line.  Drilling the hole in the drain return line up high inside the boiler resolved that issue in all of those stills except 2 and we had to come up with a different fix for those.   It took us a few weeks to figure out how to solve that.  You must have called before we completely figured it out and we lost track of you.   i have a small kit that is very easy to install that will resolve your column 2 flooding issue.    Please email and we will get that kit out to you at no charge for shipping or for the kit.  We stand behind our equipment and we solve all issues that occur.  paul@distillery-equipment.com

I think that we have one of the  the best multi vodka column designs in the industry now.  For example.  If a customer is passing vapor through two 10 plate columns to make vodka and condensate is gravity draining back into the boiler from each column, then the last column in the line is working at 100% efficiency but the first column in the line is only working at 50%  All multiple column set ups that have the condensate from each column gravity feeding back into the boiler have this issue.  If there are 3 columns in the line, then column 1 works at 25% efficiency, column 2 works at 50% efficiency and column 3 works at 100% efficiency.  To say that a different way so that it is more understandable, lets say column one is a 4 plate, column 2 an 8 plate and column 3 is an 8 plate.  If the condensate from all 3 columns is gravity feeding back into the boiler then column 1 is producing like a one plate column, column 2 like a 4 plate  and column 3 like an 8 plate which only gives you the equivalent of  a 13 plate vertical column, which is not enough to do a proper neutral.  With my new design all 3 columns work at 100% plate function.  Also, my design has zero flooding issues.  In fact the lowest plate in each column can be as little as 10" off of the floor and no flooding issues will occur.

The  kit that I will be sending infiniti beverage will allow his columns to run at 100% efficiency.  If anyone who reads this has a multi column still that is flooding or if you are unable to get 190 proof from your multi column still then email me.  I can sell you a kit that will solve all of your issues.

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