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4 year old (Jan18) Rye & 3.5 year old Bourbon for sale!

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We have the following for sale....
Bourbon - 200L (53gal) casks - asking $3,500 per cask
1.      Casks manufactured by Canton Cooperage, Lebanon Kentucky
2.      Aged in specially commissioned, virgin American white oak, 200L, #4 char with toasted heads
3.      Bourbon produced by MGP is 54% corn, 36% rye, 10% malted barley
4.      Lay down date May 21, 2014
5.      ABV 59.2%
6.      Proof 118.4
Rye - 200L (53gal) casks - asking $4,500 per cask
  1. Rye produced by MGP, 95% Rye in new American Oak barrels with 3-4 char
  2. Lay down date January 2014
  3. ABV 59.5%
  4. Proof 119
Serious inquiries only. 

Barrel Pics1.jpg

Barrel Pic2.jpg

Barrel Pic3.jpg

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