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A.B.E.’s Patriot Craft Still Series™ brings the latest technology to the craft distillation market.


With its industry-leading “Wattson Automation Platform ™” ABE stills offer you peace of mind knowing that your production is being monitored from start to finish. Trendsetting features like data logging, remote temperature monitoring, and recipe logs set a new standard for this affordable production equipment.


A.B.E.’s stills are constructed of Type 2 copper and 304 stainless steel, giving you both the durability and the qualities you require, to produce a first-class spirit. In addition, ABE stills are designed by our Engineers, located right here in Lincoln, Nebraska to be modular so they grow as your business grows.



  • IMPORTANT FEATURE – UL Compliant. Class 1 Division 1 Controls.
  • Type 2 Copper and 304 stainless steel construction.
  • Patent Pending CIP-Ring for 360-degree thorough cleaning.
  • Complete with Whiskey Helmet (other styles available upon request)
  • Tube-in-Shell, Liquid Management Condenser, with a transparent high-impact polycarbonate casing.
  • Optional “Wattson Automation Platform ™”
  • Electric Bain-Marie jacketed stills available

Still Designs:

  • Pot & Column

In Stock:

  • 50 Gallon Still starting at $36,679!


Phone:  (402)475-2337

Website:  abestills.com

Email:  info@americanbeerequipment.com

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