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Dealkalized glass bottles for spirits

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Anyone know about dealkalized glass that is apparently needed for spirits bottles.

See this Wikipedia article 

The relevant spirit bottle section here

The most common example of its use with containers is on bottles intended to hold alcoholic spirits. The reason for this is that some alcoholic spirits such as vodka and gin have an approximately neutral pH and a high alcohol content, but are not buffered in any way against changes in pH. If alkali is leached from the glass into the product, the pH will begin to rise (i.e. become more alkaline), can eventually reach a pH high enough that the solution begins to attack the glass itself quite effectively.[1][2] By this mechanism, initially neutral alcohol products can achieve a pH where the glass container itself begins to slowly dissolve, leaving thin, siliceous glass flakes or particles in the fluid. Dealkalization treatment hinders this process by removing alkali from the inside surface. Not only does this mean less extractable alkali in the glass surface directly contacting the product, but it also creates a barrier for the diffusion of alkali from the underlying bulk glass into the product.[3]

Wikipedia articles are not necessarily written by experts in the particular subject. I don't know the pH of vodka but I think it is acidic, not neutral pH as written above. I think whisky has a pH of around 4. Maybe the author assumed "neutral spirit" means pH7 not neutral flavor.

Does anyone have reliable information on this?


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