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Hey all,

We have finally released our new podcast covering the distilling industry! 

It features Jason Zeno of Beam-Suntory, Colton Weinstein of Corsair Distillery, and Brian Christensen of Artisan Spirit Magazine. 


In our first three episodes, we cover the ‘newly’ passed FET reduction, what it means to the industry and our thoughts on where we/it are headed. Part 1 & 2 were recorded prior to the passage of the bill, and cover many of the lobbying efforts members of our industry took in order to get the bill through. In part 3 the bill has finally passed. We cover the specifics of what actually passed, and what we do next! 


We will be continuing to release episodes covering everything distilling. Competitions and judging, tasting sheets, mashes, and conventions are just a few of the topics already lined up in the queue! 

Our hope is that we can use this podcast as a way to give back to the community, and much like this forum put the education and information out there for those who want it. The show is for you all, so any feedback, comments, questions, show ideas, ect., would be appreciated!


Look for us wherever you download your podcasts from and check out our website...https://stilltalkingpodcast.com


And don’t forget to follow us on the social media, @stillcast



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