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Turnkey NYC-area Distillery for Sale

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Due to some unforeseen health issues, I will most likely need to sell my distillery and am seeking interested buyers.  We are located in Jersey City, NJ (just across the river from New York City) and have a 10,000sqft facility (half production, half tasting room and offices) with an 8.5-year remaining lease that can be renewed with the landlord.  Facility includes two stills: a 100-gallon Vendome pot still with a gin basket (and associated boiler/boiler room), and a 500-L iStill with agitator.  We also have a forklift, reverse osmosis water system, stainless tanks, pump, and a bunch of other peripheral equipment. Production area is sprinklered.  Our tasting room and bar area are beautiful and completely new as part of the build-out.  To date, total investment in the business has been approximately $800K.

Our tasting room is performing incredibly well and took in $40K in net sales in March, which more than covers for the rent and overhead for the business (Jersey City is a great market!).  We're also located in one of the largest drinking markets in the country and retail sales have taken off incredibly quickly in the 6 months we've been in business.  The business has been doing very well and is profitable, and I wouldn't be selling if not for my health problems.

Please email me directly if interested:  rchage06@gmail.com

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