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3-Oaks Distillery

grain/liquid separation

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I have a small problem and hopefully someone can assist.  I have a small distillery (2500 bottles per year.)  I use a heat exchanger so cannot have solids in my system for the still.  I am now emptying mash tank into a 50-gallon cart with a strainer in it and scooping out solids into a wagon for disposal.  I'm getting up in age and want to figure out a different system.

I'm thinking maybe an auger with a gate on the output end that would compress the mash and the liquid would run back down the auger and out the bottom into a container.  Then I could open the gate and dump out the solids.  Can't spend over 2k as it just wouldn't be financially feasible. 

If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it.  The used equipment that is on the market that does this starts around 4k so not viable.

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hello three oaks , can you remove the screen in you cart after your wort has been drained  off . if you can u may be able to add waste water and backset in with the grain until it is a slurry and be pumped out with simple 2 inch submersible sewer pump . just an idea 


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