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Plate Heat Exchanger. Chill Filtration on a budget.

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I'm considering using something like this


for chill filtration of about 150 gallons of product at any one time...I have a 3 ton chiller with a 1hp pump for cooling and a pneumatic diaphragm pump to circulate spirits. I'm concerned about the flow rate of the pumps damaging the heat exchanger, especially the diaphragm pump with its inconsistent, pulsing action. My understanding is these things are best suited for low-pressure, low flow situations.

A little background...last year I was able to use one of my jacketed fermenters as a chill tank. We've stepped up production and that's no longer an option. Over the winter Mother Nature was kind to me with cold nights to chill the product but Spring is here and I'm on a budget. 

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Seems to be a more common way to for higher production srt ups is to store product in a jacketed tank during the week, chill during weekend and filter it out next day in.

I have chillers that be turned down to 25F for that purpose and reset for 45F for weekly production.

I have a rum producer that does the chilling similarly, and it all seems to work out well for him.

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