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For Sale, Colorado Distillery

We are forced to sell our distillery located in a great area of Colorado.  Our preference would be to sell everything to a single person/group.  Our location is leased but fully built out.  Here is what you get:

·      DSP transferred to you or your company (huge savings on time for starting a distillery)

·      Transfer of operating name and trademarks (you can choose to keep or change)

·      Fully operating tasting room with all fixtures, tables, chairs, glassware, etc.

o   Food licensed

o   Training on operation

o   Cocktail recipes

o   Access to various marketing opportunities

·      Fully functioning distillery.  Currently producing over 40 proof gallons (~200 bottles) of alcohol per week by distilling one evening and one day. All infrastructure and equipment to increase the capacity 3x in place and available today

·      Training on all steps necessary to operate the distillery.

o   Includes access to all the suppliers we have set up with over the years

o   Hands on training for making all products going through every step

o   Guidance on exploration areas for new products

·      Distillery includes:

o   German manufactured still

o   Stainless steel mash tank 

o   Fermenters with jackets

o   Storage tanks

o   Boiler

o   High capacity chiller

o   Floor scale

o   Precision scale

o   Anton Paar Snap 40

o   1.5” tri-clamp Impeller pump

o   20ft and 40ft 1.5” Goodyear food grade hoses

o   1.5” tri-clamp air diaphragm pump with hoses

o   Charcoal filtration system for water

o   Particle filtration system for spirits

o   Hydrometers, thermometers, lab glassware

o   Bottle washer (two bottles/wash)

o   Bottle filler (two bottles/fill)

o   Bottle labeler (Race with added attachment for square bottles)

o   Empty bottles (over 3000)

o   Labels

o   Stoppers

o   Electric forklift

o   Other misc equipment

·      Over 60 barrels of alcohol aging (4 products), equal to approximately 10,000 bottles

Asking price is $175,000. Please message me for additional information  


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Is this still up for sale? Please call me 208-731-6952 or email me firkindistillery@gmail.com

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I am interested in the distillery. Please contact me via PM. I will be in the USA in August and can come see the facility if it is still available at that time.

Good fortune to you.




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