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60 Gallon Bain-Marie Artisan Still Design Hybrid Pot / Column Still

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Have an exciting opportunity for anyone who is currently sourcing a still for their start up, or perhaps anyone just looking to upgrade to a more advanced distillation system.


We have recently purchased a larger production still, and we are looking to sell our 60 gallon (Artisan Still Design) pot still that we started with (4 years old). It's been a wonderful system for us, and is the perfect system for a new DSP that still wants a professional grade system. It has many copper elements and comes with numerous upgrades not commonly seen for a still this size.

Price: $19,500 or Best Offer

Still description: (pictures can be found below):


- This unit is a bain-marie (oil jacketed) pot still/modular system that comes with a 60 gallon kettle (with a 60 gallon charge)

- The kettle is stainless steel and has a built in thermometer and an automatic emergency pressure release valve (no explosion risks)

- The still head and lyne arm are 100% copper

- The still comes with/and is operated by a custom digital electric control box (pictured below). Manual is included

- The pot also contains a 2 HP motorized agitator (explosion proof) with separate electric control box for fine tuning the speed

- There is a separated tower/column (100% copper!) that contains 4 plates, Full CIP system, and individual bypass options. This tower can be bypassed all together if desired for sole pot distillation.

- The tower also has a built in vapor temperature thermometer (temp shows on digital control box) and a Dephlegmator, which is also controlled from the box.

- The stainless steel product condenser stands separate and also has a built in thermometer to check the interior water temperature. The worm inside is copper. This connects to a stainless steel parrot.


This system is located in Charleston, South Carolina, and is ready to ship!


Feel free to message here or call 704-472-1680 with any questions.











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