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Macerating and distilling with Plates

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Howdy guys,

   So I was at a gin distillery the other day and they macerate for 24 hours.  throw everything in the kettle.  And then distill with 4 plates in their column and use a dephlagamator(not sure what the output was set at).  

So I was wondering doesn't using plates after a maceration take away the flavor of the gin?  I get why you would use plates before a gin basket, if you think the vapor should be a certain ABV before it runs through the gin basket.  But I don't get why you would increase ABV/ increase rectification with plates after macerating.  Wouldn't you basically be rectifying your flavor out of your gin?

If anyone does this or has any thoughts on it let me know. I'm really curious.

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We find that if we are going to put all of the botanicals in the pot, that yes, running 4 plates and dephleg would remove much of the botanical flavor. So, if we are running a redistilled gin with fairly clean base spirit, we will run without plates. But we do a distilled gin off of beer with 4 plates and dephleg, and while we put some juniper in the pot with the beer, we place the rest of the botanicals in a makeshift gin basket above the plates below the dephleg, and that turns out to be very efficient in extracting flavors and aromas from the botanicals. Keep in mind, any change of where and when you introduce the botanicals will change the flavor profile, and not in a uniform way, since different botanicals extract differently. So, you must test and determine what works, adjusting botanical bill as you see fit.

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