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Anton Paar Alcolyzer ME For Sale

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PRICE REDUCED TO $7500 including shipping.

I see there are a lot of views but haven’t heard from anyone. I’m open to offers at this point. What’s it worth to you?  Looking to upgrade your DMA system? I have for sale a used Anton Paar Alcolyzer Spirits ME. Price reduced  $8500 or best offer. I bought the whole DMA set up and don’t need the Alcolyzer for my whiskeys and gins. This is only the Alcolyzer and all the parts required to set it up. If you pay the full price I’ll add the Sample handling unit  pump to the deal. Comes with manuals and original packaging. PM for details or question. I’ll  include insured shipping for purchaser.


Isanti Spirits 



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Price reduction

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The Alcolyzer is an add on to the Anton Paar DMA 5000 Densitometer.  This is one of the TTB approved Machines for testing ABV/Proof. The Densitometer is not made to handle spirits with sugars or high amounts of dissolved solids with the required accuracy.  Honey or Maple whiskeys for example.  This is commonly called obscuration.  One method of correcting this is to distill the spirit in a lab still until all the alcohol is collected leaving the solids and obscuring factors behind and then retesting.  The Alcolyzer can analyze the sample and calculate the correct ABV/Proof for these factors without the need to do anything other than push go on the machine if you have set up the procedures for the type of spirit you are testing.  The unit is normally about $18,000 new in addition to the Densitometer.  I got a good deal to buy both, but don't really need the Alcolyzer as I make whiskeys and gins without obscuration.  So I thought I would offer it up to anyone who bought the DMA 5000 and may now wish they had gotten the whole system.  If I don't find a buyer, I will likely keep it as I have a number of distilleries in the state I can test for, and make some money on it that way. 

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I don't think I can convince the bosses to buy it at this time, but that's a heck of a deal. 

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