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WORKSHOP: Nosing for Faults with Nancy Fraley and Julia Nourney


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Registration Fee: $75 plus cost of Aroma Academy’s Fault Kit

This highly sought-after, in-depth session will explore the various factors that influence the development of off-flavors and taints in distillates. We will look at the entire production process from raw ingredients, operational controls in fermentation, distillation, maturation and storage, processing and product transfer, and finally, packaging materials. The class will also examine methods of sensory analysis and quality control, and we will  nose through numerous samples of possible distillate faults that arise during the stages of production. Finally we will discuss how these faults can be remodeled within the production process.

Nancy Fraley and Julia Nourney have been co-teaching Nosing for Faults annually at the ADI Conference for years, and are now moving their class to the virtual environment. They will be teaching using their years of experience as independent blenders for brands around the planet.

A synchronous educational opportunity to connect with a master blender from the comfort of your home.

KITS ORDERED SEPARATELY (by October 15 to ensure delivery): Aroma Academy’s fault kit: https://www.aroma-academy.co.uk/products/faults-aroma-kit-30-aroma-training-system) so that you can have a shared sensory experience with the concepts they are teaching.

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