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  3. I bought a cheap 100$ Chinese VFD for my pump. hoping it would last a year, and figuring it couldn't hurt a pump. Right or wrong, I'm still using it 3 years later. Being able to reverse the pump flow (If you have a compatible pump type) comes In handy for me as well.
  4. SCH: Hi Im Schoboo, from Europe! I'm an architecture student currently designing a distillery for my master thesis. EVERYBODY: Why did you choose distillery Schoboo you dumbass? You're a total newb and you know nothing about it. SCH: Well because I was always interested in distilling and my family has a long tradition of making a plum brandy (sljivovica, sliwovitz) for our own use.
  5. Thank you for your inputs guys. For peace of mind we went ahead and purchased our 3 missing VFDs, we will try to cut expense on something else. Which is not an easy thing to find 😉
  6. I would say it depends on the type of whiskey and what you are looking to get from the maturation. I am aging gin,single malt, and a light whiskey in used 15g anywhere from 110 to 130 proof. I honestly think 120 is still sufficient for 2nd maturation in a barrel this small for most things especially if you can go 18-24 months. I would also consider what proof you want to bottle this spirit at. If you enter at 130 into a small barrel (with large angels share) and get a nice abv bump, a lower bottling proof may require a ton of dilution which could be a detriment to the final product. In Sc
  7. Superb and beautiful Packaging Design. I really like it's Quality. Thanks for sharing.
  8. In my opinion, if the mixer in the still works well at 100% speed (60 Hz USA) then you don't need it. A centrifugal pump flow rate can be reduced to almost zero with an inline valve on the discharge side, assuming there aren't particles to clog the valve if it is almost closed. Since you already have them installed it is probably not worth removing them, as said above they give added protection.
  9. Most VFD will give you: Speed Control Slow Start Overcurrent Protection Up to you if you need or want them. Pumps are usually a no-brainer as the speed control is valuable. We have one on the tun as well, helps to slow down the mixer when mashing smaller volumes.
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  11. Hi, We have a VFD for our centrifugal pump and another one for the mixer in the still. Do we absolutely need VFD for the mixers on our fermenter and mashtun too? Is it only a crazy thought? Thanks,
  12. 200L test still with 6 plates copper column, the column diameter is 4", all parts are triclamp connection, for the copper tees, all are modular ones, you can add or remove some as you like, with a stainless steel gin basket sitting beside the column. Direct electric heating, with 2-5kw heating elements, can be single phase or 3 phase. The price is USD2255. If you are interested, pls feel free to contact me to get more details. Sophie Wu E-mail: sophiewu@zjdayu.com Mob: 0086-15867759507 Skype: sophiewu1989 Whatsapp: 008615867759507 Wech
  13. I believe he meant as far as identifying the contents of the shipping cartons, not what is needed on the shipping label.
  14. That's why everyone needs to drink my vodka: certified Morgellons fiber free.
  15. Name of Recipient Mailing Address Phone Number Email Address Zip Code
  16. I'd love a small centrifuge that didn't break the bank. Biofuel uses them and are affordable, but almost definitely not food or alcohol safe.
  17. HI ALL, A friend sent me a link to a distillery software company called TTB Tamer ! as we are searching for a basic affordable reporting system, looks like this one could fit the bill, just wondering if anyone is using it or did a demo, I've only heard of the two company's that I have seen at the ADI conferences. Thanks !
  18. I’ve seen this too. It’s not a particulate from filtration media. It’s like wispy cotton candy sorta strings. They break up when you shake it. Im not entirely sure what to make of it. It seems to be forming after bottling when I’ve experienced it. seriously. How has no one seen this before?
  19. Thought it may be dextran but then that shouldn't be apparent in grain it corn based vodka?
  20. www.whiskeybarrel.com
  21. Yeah that's not helpful...so far we have seen them.in Tito's grey good ocean and Smirnoff.....I don't think it's the filter
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