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  2. The pH range for Sebstar GL is 2.8-5.5, at 6.7 you are quite a bit above where you need to be. Check and post your pHs at each setup of the process and be sure your pH meter is accurately calibrated. Similarly, SebFlo TL is denatured about 140 F, so adding at at 190 is probably not helping you much. Your volumes of cooking corn in 150 gal of water then topping up to 900 gal seems like a typo perhaps?
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  4. 😄 bold 1: wow, this is obviously something we all have in common! 😅 bold 2: i actually found out about this forum from random people that I asked question about distilling, and they said the same thing
  5. Only taxed on what you move out of the bonded area and it needs to be bottled. You can change the proof in the barrel with no tax consequences.
  6. I'd be worried about cooking my yeast. 900 gallons of grain in mash puts off and retains a lot of heat. It tracks with it only happening sometimes (summer?) as well. Can you go into the fermenter cooler to see what happens? If you can get it started again with a repitching of yeast like @kleclerc77says, and it finishes, you will know the conversion was good, and the problem is elsewhere. It might be hard to start again now that the ph is pretty low though. Also, you use a different brand of enzyme than me, but you may want to ask them what Ph you should cook and rest at, I'd guess i
  7. Sorry, to clarify I do add the corn during the cook up. Our fermenters are not temp controlled. The fermentation Temps vary based on the season. I dont have the file on hand now, but can update Monday. During the summer though they can reach 98 - 100F pretty easily, stall and when it cools it will kick back up again. During the fall, winter and spring is the optimal time for us to ferment. Usually I can atribute the stalling to the temps because they are high. I will start adding the gluco before the yeast. Doesn't gypsum make the mash more acidic? Also thanks for the h
  8. Mine - no. Although I do have controllable tanks, I don't use them. We do a wheat/barley mix often replacing the wheat with rye. I let the process run its course. It'll start slow for the first 10 or so hours, then it will wind up to about 40* - 42*C (too hot for most yeasts) and then gradually slow down. I distill when it hits room temp - usually the morning of day 4. Average take is about 8.5%.
  9. Are your fermenters temperature controlled, and kept at 90F?
  10. 2oz PET spray bottles with black tops. 10K units. FOB Salt Lake City $.29/unit
  11. We had a run of these kind of problems during our first year. Likely what is happening is that you are not getting the right kind of conversion. Too many of your sugars are complex. The reason it ferments fast up front, is the yeast is eating all the simple sugars but as soon as it encounters more complex sugars it quits. So you need to review your fermentation temps and I notice you don't have any gypsum in your mix. That is required for the conversion and required for the health of the yeast. We also quit fermenting on the grain. Too much hassle and mess. And finally, we swapped out our yeas
  12. The best way to get a stuck ferment going again is to make a big starter. Mix up your yeast and add a sizeable amount of mash to it, or add it to ~50 gallons of mash even, til it's churning away nicely, then add that to your stuck ferment. Our mashing procedures are very different, but if it works for the most part then I'm not sure why some are getting stuck and some aren't. Big differences are we add our corn before the cook up as opposed to adding it at 190, cook our rye in more the 160-170 range, barley at 145, and our gluco goes in at the very end right before the yeast.
  13. Looking for anyone that has extra Decanter Contessa Bottles 750ml bottles. Happy to pay well above market rate.
  14. It seems like they're stuck. There is little activity in the air lock bucket and when I check the sg it is generally the same, maybe slightly lower. Usually it seems to stall around 1.04-1.03 Edit: took a reading on the one that is having issues now; gravity is 1.05, 80f and 3.8ph. It has been at 1.05 the last 2 days.
  15. Purchased some pieces of equipment from Martin/Cambli and he was absolutely fantastic. Freight, crating, customs, etc - all awesome.
  16. We were just talking about this ....here were taxed on absolute alcohol ..so if u proof down in the barrel that wont change the aboslute alcohol in barrel . Or are we wrong
  17. are they stuck or are they just finishing more quickly?
  18. Yes it is please write to info@cambli.com with your credentials will send you all info
  19. Hello, We have been having issues with stalled/slow fermentation of our Bourbon and Rye Whiskeys: Here is the breakdown of the process with temps, ph values and SG and FG: Heat about 150 gallons of water to 190F, add corn. Add SebStarHTL Add SebStarFLO Let rest for 45mins to 1 hour Add rye and barley and water to bring down to 150F and top total volume to 900 gallons Add SebStarGL (glucoamylase) Let rest for 1 hour Cool to 90F Pitch yeast I use LD
  20. We have two 15 bbl brite tanks for sale. $8,500 per tank. Lightly used, ready to go. Charlotte NC
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