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  2. We run 20 plates (4 + 16) setup. The 16 plate section has packing material on the trays to improve efficiency. It gets the job done and we can finish a hearts cut above 191, but it's a painfully slow process. We had a myriad of challenges to get the system to work correctly, but here's what I would say were critical: 1.) Stream temperature control valve or a way to specifically control kettle temp, manual valves did not work for us. 2.) Entry proof needs to be low to avoid alcohol smearing and get clean separation (we charge at 20%). 3.) Dephlegmator control system (we
  3. RADNOR® Model 250 Series Victor® Medium Duty Oxygen Single Stage Regulator, CGA-540 With 25ft PVC Air hose 1200 PSI maximum operating pressure $112.00 Stem-type seat mechanism Sintered inlet filter Forged brass body and zinc die-cast housing cap 2" diaphragm Product Attributes Gas Service » Oxygen » O2 Delivery Rate » 150 psig Inlet Connection » CGA-540 Workload » Medium Duty Outlet Connection » 9/16" - 18 (RH Male) Gauge Diameter » 2"
  4. I found some very interesting technical resources that are relevant here. Pharmaceutical compounding syrups technology is very relevant. I found this great presentation that discusses how to preserve a syrup via water/alcohol vs sugar concentrations (starts on page 64) and general syrup technical goodness: https://www.philadelphia.edu.jo/academics/rmansour/uploads/Pharmaceutics/Solutions.pptx Great free Sugar Technology textbook: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/book/10.1002/9781444314748 I found the exercises in Appendix B particularly helpful. Table starting on pa
  5. I'm not done yet but wanted to update progress. First let me add that my botanical bill has a few unusual botanicals in it so all past experience may not be applicable here. I extracted each botanical individually and added sugar to each. One botanical, Star Anise clouded up immediately. The rest stayed clear. I experimented with Anise and Fennel as substitutes. Each remained clear with added sugar but Fennel was a better match for my recipe. As mentioned, I was not able to get the Baker's Sugar nut I was able to get a good sized sample of low color, metals and turbidity l
  6. Doesn't sound un releasable depending on what they are offering, but cost can very wildly depending on allot of site factors and services. But I would be getting as many quotes as posable and getting a complete brake down of what is offered in that price. Do you know what the exact heating and cooling input requirements are for you equipment ? are you allowing future for expansion ? do you have the required power, water, and gas/fuel, on site ? is there any existing infrastructure on site that needs demo or up grading ? what is the site access like are they goi
  7. Can you provide a model number? The pictures that you posted will not open.
  8. I'm Nick, from Victoria BC, Canada I'm currently working on business plan to start my own distillery, I want to take the steps to becoming a legitimate business, bring my love for spirits and putting my personal twist on them. I have no direct experience in the industry, I come from a red seal steam fitter/pipe fitter back ground been in that industry for over 22 years.
  9. NickT

    BC distillery's

    Any one from here BC working under the craft or commercial rules ?
  10. GS121P0 Brand New, never bend used AC MICRO DRIVE ENCLOSED 230 VAC 1HP WITH 3-PHASE AND 1-PHASE INPUT V/HZ MODE RS-485 MODBUS 5KA SCCR. $150
  11. We are in need of Liberty 750mL bottles produced by Piramal Glass. Looking for 50 cases to help us get to the next shipment date. Cheers!
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  13. We still have a few bags of 500 Spiles left. Let me know if you need some
  14. TTB requires it, it's how taxes are calculated.
  15. Can you provide more info/pricing on the air version, please?
  16. Out of curiosity, why do producers and consumers in the USA still use "proof"?
  17. We are expanding and selling our current distillery & tasting room. This 4500 sf facility is turn-key with a 400 gallon still, 400 gallon mashtun / stripping still, 4-400 gallon fermentors, chiller, 1.2M BTU Steam Boiler and more. You will be able to walk in and start distilling right away as well as serve cocktails in the lounge. All bar equipment & refrigeration included. Landlord is willing to work with the buyer on a new lease. Let me know if there's any interest. Asking $390,000 OBO - Z
  18. Thatch, I hear you. Navanjohnson, Propane is not considered a green house gas. https://www.diversifiedenergy.com/news/how-does-propane-gas-affect-the-environment/ So it is a green solution. One of my customers has a 2,500 gallon still, 2,500 gallon mash tun, 800 gallon still, two 800 gallon mash tuns, 300 gallon still and a 300 gallon mash tun that are all fired with the steam from a 10,000,000 BTU, propane fired, low pressure steam boiler. His propane tanks are huge but everything works great. He uses well water for his condenser cooling. His well also supplies
  19. All very good points Paul. He's the one who said wind, solar, not me. Since he brought it up, I had to assume that he had access or was considering building something.
  20. Thatch, He's saying that his power comes from coal fired power plants. As far as wind and solar, a 1000 gallon stripping still, 1000 gallon mash tun and 300 gallon spirit still need at least 500,000 watts of power. With solar panels at 400 watts per panel that would be 1,250 solar panels. There are no small to mid size windmills available (that I know of) that will produce that amount of power. This is enough power for 30 to 50 homes. also you would need enough batteries to store at least 3 days of energy for the distillery for when the wind isn't blowing and the sun isn't
  21. I made an "extractor". I put cams on it so it hooks up quickly. It's ~4' long so we can put it in a side or top bung barrel. We use a flowjet to power it. It's not super fast but gets most of everything out. At that point we flip the barrel and dump whatever is left. It's usually less than a cup. Put a filter in between the extractor and pump or else you'll destroy the pump when a piece of char gets in it. And yes I know that from experience. 👎
  22. Manual is not available online without registration, I figured I would just ask here first. Thanks!!! I will go look harder, and now that I know it's possible, that is great.
  23. thank you, i sent him a PM
  24. You said "wind, solar", these are ways to generate electricity. Where does coal come in? You say you want to be green, well wind and/or solar are a great way and using an electric still is right down that path
  25. So what do you attach to the pump to pull the whiskey from the barrel? Do you just drop a hose and hope you get all the liquid? or do you have a "wand" of sorts? If so, where do you filter the char out? I'm trying to upgrade my boss's system, it's not the most user friendly. He has a plastic pipe attached to a triclamp hose barb with a bit of mesh wired to the end. It's not perfect but it has worked okay enough.
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