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    This video shows how to create a latest topics block, showing the full post, and then adding that block to a new page.
  2. This video shows off some of the user interface you can expect to see in the article management area of the ACP.
  3. Learn how to use the new "Promote to Article" feature to copy a post to the articles section.
  4. Is the ADI site down? No content coming up in Forums or other pages.

  5. 1. Obviously you can post new messages and reply to other messages. 2. You can also privately message members by clicking on the "My Controls" menu item located on the top right menu list of every page. Once your in "My Controls" you will see a "Messenger" menu on the top right. 3. From "My Controls" you can also set up your signature which will be automatically be placed at the bottom of every message you send or reply to. 4. "My Controls" also lets you enter your profile info which can be seen by any members. 5. You can upload attachments from your computer and you can also set a link t
  6. The American Distilling Institute, voice of the artisan distiller- www.distilling.com The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau- www.ttb.gov in particular you may want to read the documents available here.
  7. Welcome to the American Distilling Institute member forums. All are welcome, distillers, future distillers, vendors, distributors, government agency representatives, etc... ADI's intent in creating these forums was to foster interaction among members of the artisan distilling community. This forum was created with the idea that by helping each other we can raise the overall level of our relatively new industry- artisan distilling. By helping each other to become better distillers and produce better products, public perception and awareness will continue to improve and if our industry as a w
  8. Welcome to your new Invision Power Board! Congratulations on your purchase of our software and setting up your community. Please take some time and read through the Getting Started Guide and Administrator Documentation. The Getting Started Guide will walk you through some of the necessary steps to setting up an IP.Board and starting your community. The Administrator Documentation takes you through the details of the capabilities of IP.Board. You can remove this message, topic, forum or even category at any time. Go to the documentation now...
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