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  1. I've always assumed some distillers just choose to not submit labels to COLA.
  2. http://www.tetondistillery.com/distillery-equipment/hybrid-pot-still-with-short-copper-column
  3. Thoroughbred Spirits Group https://www.tbspirits.com/
  4. Considering that they do it themselves in the FWGS stores I'm guessing it's OK with PLCB!🤔😉
  5. Anyone besides me having trouble accessing the virtual conference? I registered last week but can't seem to set up an account to log in...😧
  6. I can only speak from our experience but we've been using Hoochware for 4 years and have no desire or intention to look at anything else. We are very happy with the product and the support team!
  7. Two thumbs up for Hoochware! They are very responsive to any issues or questions we have had. These guys imo really created the pricing model that allowed smaller distillers to be able to afford a distillery management system.
  8. We're expecting to get around 140 gallons off the still this week. The local hospital will take whatever size containers we give them. We're thinking maybe a drum and some 5 gallon buckets or 1 gallon jugs.
  9. You said stripping run right? The goal of a stripping run is to strip all of the recoverable alcohol from your beer, tails included. The haze will not be present after your spirit run (assuming you make proper tails cuts).
  10. Hi, I'm Jim from Liberty Pole Spirits near Pittsburgh, we've worked with Geoff extensively over the past several years. He is a great resource and has a well thought out program to help businesses grow. We highly recommend him. Geoff has worked hard to learn the business side of distilling. Besides working with us I know he's also sat down with prominent figures in the Kentucky distilling landscape.
  11. They passed a one year extension.
  12. We've been using this little pump for years! https://www.tcwequipment.com/products/flojet-g70-explosion-proof-air-diaphragm-pump
  13. We were approached by a local group that is interested in pursuing a DSP down the road a bit. In the meantime they are looking to find a partner to produce a whiskey to their specs. Not that we have much excess capacity but we would be able to carve out a week every couple of months to this project. Has anyone done this and if so, how do you price it? Time and materials are the obvious factors but how do you factor current cash inflow versus losing the future retail potential of those weeks we're not producing for our own products? Any help/guidelines would be appreciated so we can make a proposal to these guys.
  14. Sounds like you've got it covered Karl. Best of luck, good to see you have local/community support - that's definitely a key component to success! Cheers!
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