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  1. Haha, no I dont really think the beer is fortified with anything other than the cheapest corn, rice, and barl(they use so little it is not even worth spelling out)they can get, I have been on the factory tour. As far as the still I will post a few pics or email them. I am going to our office managers family home in the country where they brew, and distill, and some guys from the bar around the corner gave my buddy and I some homemade vodka and it was some of the smoothest tasteless vodka I have ever had, I teach a little english and he teaches me some russian. I think I have him talked into te
  2. So tonight I was told by an official that distilling is perfectly legal in Moldova, so I will now also let you guys know that I bought a still from a Roma(Gypsy) last week and I am looking forward to running a batch threw soon. I am planning on doing a cleaning run with water, then one with a cheap wine, and then with a wine that I will try to drink the distilled product of.
  3. Yes, I have read about the hop oils doing funky things, but I was thinking of starting a science experiment just some sugar water, yeast nutrient, and yeast. It has been difficult finding product here to work with I have not made any beer since moving here. And I am fairly certain the local made beer uses the foreshots to fortify their beer and use less grain, after two beers I have a MASSIVE hangover. But I am working finding a supply of barley malt, hops, and proper yeast.
  4. I come from the scuba diving industry and I would get emails like this, it is a scam! I like the ones that are My sons is traveling from the UK and I do not trust him to keep a handle on all the money, so I will pay you via CC and he needs some travel money to get from NYC to you I will send you extra if you promise to send it to him via Western Union. I have had other friends mailed large orders after being paid via CC and then a month later their account was charged back and the lost product as well. Paypal, in my opinion, is not much better at protecting you. My brother-in-law's Dad was t
  5. Hello All, I just found this form. I am an American living and teaching abroad. I have been brewing beer for a couple of years now, and would like to take the jump to distilling some of the beers, I looking into the legality of distilling in Moldova(but many people have stills here). This liquor is cheap here but I like to craft my own stuff. I am also researching the viability of an export company to bring Moldavian product to the US. So far from the little bit I have looked at the site it looks like there are some really talented distillers and business people here, I hope I can glean a lit
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