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  1. Hello Everyone, Recently, there are more friends asked me about two tanks as follow ,so glad to share with you all. Any other sizes you may need, please send to my email : dayu@zjdayu.com or Contact What’app:+86 15158606079,Thanks! 1. 300Gallon 1200L Mash/ Lauter Tun Stripping Still Combo. The unit has steam /electric bain marie heating jacket ,rake mixer . It can be used as a Mash /Lauter cooker and stripping still to make low wine firstly. Price: US$15,300 2. 2000L DYE- Fermenter. Can be build with or without Insulation ,agitator on top to be on option, widely used in Distillery and Winery. 60degree cone fermenter used in Brewery and Distillery . 2000L Price: US$4,400
  2. Hello Everyone, Good News ! We are having September Promotion for below picture style of Distilling equipment. Good to make Whisky ,Gin ,Rum and Vodka etc, 300L, 500L, 1000l and 2000L capacity to be option and custom-made. 500L Still price for referance : $58,900 For any more detail informations or questions please send email to dayu@zjdayu.com or what'sapp/wechat : +86 15158606079 Melissa DYE Sales Manager
  3. Hi Everyone, I want to share with you this total capacity 100Gallon/ 400L Gin and Whisky still, It is the best selling and the most people will ask about from all of our inquiries in the world now! Come with copper gooesneck, 4 plates column (enough for making whisky and Gin) ,and come with Gin basket ,collect head ,heart and tail storage tanks . Price at : 25,000 USD Affordable price for a start. the ceiling height is not restricted , and easy to operation etc. We plan to produce in batches of this style in the next 2 months , if you are willing to put together orders, the price will be more favorable. Anybody interested , please contact email : dayu@zjdayu.com or what'app: +8615158606079 for discussing more. DYE Melissa
  4. Hi, 200L Still, steam heating with steam jacket, pot dome, whisky helmet and column are copper, all other parts are stainless steel 304. Pot is steam heating with agitator, steam working pressure is 15psi (1bar), 4 plates column, column diameter is 159mm, gin basket is next to the column, a 200L water storage tank with CIP manifold, no CIP pump. Can make the pot electric heating (bain marie) if needed, also can add CIP pump. For the power supply, can customize it according to your needs, 240V/ 400V/ 460V/208V/600V etc. The price is USD18500. If you are interested, pls feel free to contact me by email, sophiewu@zjdayu.com, or messages by Whatsapp 0086-15867759507. Cheers
  5. Hi Ruizspirits 10, It's been sold last month, we have a different one in stock if you are interested, also 500L. Cheers Sophie Hi Ruizspirits10
  6. Hello, Here share some picture of our home distiller If you want to know more information,pls contact me freely. Thanks Ada Xu E-MAIL: daey017@dayuwz.com Wechat/What's app/Line: 0086-13695806632 Facebook:307289346@qq.com Skype: adaxuyuan
  7. 500L still for Craft Beer China 2021 Expo, make of copper, steam heating, total 16 plates, higher column is 12 plates and the lower column is 4 plates, with gin basket, spirits storage tanks, CIP pump and manifold. Can be shipped anytime. The price is USD48000. If you are interested, pls send email to sophiewu@zjdayu.com. Thanks
  8. The 500L still is for China Craft Beer 2021 Expo, can be shipped immediately after the expo ends. 500L still with steam heating jacket, total 16 plates, all are made of copper. Column diameter is 219mm, copper helmet, the pot, dephlegmator, gin basket, and condenser's inside tubes are copper, with CIP pump and manifold, bypass piping. Price: 4800USD/still. If you are interested, pls send email to sophiewu@zjdayu.com or messages by Whatsapp 0086-15867759507. Cheers
  9. we had experience of manufacturing that ball shaped still too. :) Penny / sales manager
  10. 1000L (265 gallons) still with a gin basket, two reflux copper columns, the lower column is 4 plates, and the higher column is 16 plates. Column diameter is 350mm (14"). Pot dome is copper, with mushroom shape helmet, CIP pump and manifold. The pot has a heating jacket. Overall dimension is 4600mm (15ft) long, 1600mm (5ft) wide and 5800mm (19ft) high Price is USD61885. If you are interested, pls send email to sophiewu@zjdayu.com or whatsapp 0086-15867759507. Cheers
  11. DYE

    ABE Equipment

    Hi Josh.This is Daisy. Are you still looking for 2000L 600gal mashtun?My email address is dye19@dayuwz.com. How about the heating way of it?Do you prefer the electric heating or steam heating? If you have the steam boiler,the steam hetaing will be the most effective. And what's your raw materials?And then i I can recommend you that whether it needs the filter. If you still need it,pls send me email or message to 0086 17398082916. Looking forward to hearing from you.
  12. 600L steam fired still with 4 plates column. Pot, whisky head, column, dephlegmator are all copper, stainless steel gin basket with a copper basket inside, tube and shell type stainless steel condenser, a 1300L water tank under column, with CIP pump and manifold. Vapor piping also copper. Column diameter is 400mm. The price is USD42000. If you are interested, pls feel free to contact me. E-mail: sophiewu@zjdayu.com or daey009@dayuwz.com Mob: 0086-15867759507 or 0086-18966261717 Skype: sophiewu1989 Whatsapp: 008615867759507
  13. 500L copper still (132 gallons working capacity), steam heating (15 psi), with steam heating jacket, 500l working capacity, the whole pot, swanneck, column with 9 plates, dephlegmator, are all copper (CU1220), other parts are stainless steel 304, with agitator, a stainess steel gin basket, stainless steel tube type condenser, 4 storage tanks under the frame, with CIP pump and manifold. Price is USD47000. If you are interested, pls feel free to contact me. E-mail: sophiewu@zjdayu.com or daey009@dayuwz.com Mob: 0086-15867759507 or 0086-18966261717 Skype: sophiewu1989 Whatsapp: 008615867759507
  14. 100L gin still with 8 plates copper column, the column diameter is 159mm, bain marie jacket, you can put water or oil in the jacket, with heating elements and control box, copper dome, other parts are stainless steel 304, with a gin basket, CIP manifold, has bypass piping and 3-way valve. The price is USD14600. If you are interested, pls feel free to contact me to get more details. Sophie Wu E-mail: sophiewu@zjdayu.com Mob: 0086-15867759507 Skype: sophiewu1989 Whatsapp: 008615867759507 Wechat: hustersophiewu
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