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  1. Hi Tom, Do you know the thermal load that the 2 combined will support?
  2. Hi All, I'm just reaching out to see what the interest would be in bulk sales of New York produced NGS and Vodka. This would be made with 100% New York grain, and 100% New York Malt. This can be made to any specification you may have, And any recipe you may have. Being as it's 100% NY made, with 100% NY grain, This would allow NY distilleries to keep their Farm Distillery exemption. Thank you in advance. Nik
  3. Baraboo, Wisconsin, 53913. Sorry, I should have mentioned that in my initial post.
  4. Hi All, I'm selling some overstock Glass. I have 9 pallets of O.I Pinch Grandure, 750mls bartop bottles at $1.70 per bottle shipped as well as 14 pallets of O.I Imperial 750mls bartop bottles for the same price. Price could be negotiable for bulk purchases of either one. Let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks
  5. "50 often forgotten pieces of Distillery equipment" "One currently lost Distillery article" Sorry, Not helpful at all, But it just seems pretty ironic to me.
  6. I use Caustic Soda to remove organic residue and then flush with cold water and Citric Acid to rinse and rejuvenate the copper.
  7. I'm taking all of my heads and tails from the previous days run, And adding them to the beer well every morning and running them through the continuous column with the green beer. Most of the heads volatilize and gas off, while keeping my yield pretty consistent. I'm very meticulous about base line samples and didn't notice a single change in quality when I switched to this process. By doing this, I was able to gain an extra 53 Gallon barrel per day. This is just my opinion.
  8. Distiller76


    I could be mistaken, But I seem to recall Gabe Erenzo having a source for exactly what you're looking for.
  9. I'm wondering why your proof is decreasing. I'm running a 42' column with 24 plates and my proof is as stable as it comes, But I'm also running 3000 gallons a day through a beer well. Are you running a beer well, Or are you running straight from the fermenter? If you're running a beer well, It will keep the consistency of the run more stable. Hell, Even if you just agitate the fermenter it should help.
  10. Thank you both for the tips. I've been looking into this for the past couple of days. I see piles of regulatory hoops to jump through in the next few weeks.
  11. Hi all, Would anyone be willing to walk me through the process of getting listed in control states? I'm finding it very difficult to find a clear answer as to what licensing and paperwork needs to be completed in order to self distribute to these states. Thanks in advance
  12. That's a lot better than a Drunken Sobbing Person.
  13. As for TTB tolerance, You are allowed .3 across the board for any product, But that is lower, Not higher. For example say your product is 92.0 proof it can be no lower than 91.70 and absolutely no higher than 92.0. I don't want to sound rude in any way, But after having a distillery for 20 years I'm surprised that you weren't aware of this already.
  14. I needed a tank just like that, But got to looking around and found a used Milk mixing tank for less that half of that price. It came with a single phase, 220v lightning mixer, jacketed cooling and it's own chiller. I see your right in the heart of dairy country. You might want to look around. I'm sure you could find the same thing pretty close, And save even more money if you pick it up.
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