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  1. How large are you looking to go?
  2. Fully agree, we sent two identical formulas at the same time by mistake, once was approved the other one was heavily questioned, go figured
  3. We strip some and we run some, rtshfd is right on point. I like pulling some my rum at about 165 in one run. I also perform a modified spirit run through my column of 6 plates, I load the column, equalize it, pull the compressed fores and heads, cut heat, let it dump (it only takes a few minutes) then heat it up again and run it with out forced reflux for the remainder of the run. You have options, give them all a try.
  4. I don't know if this is any help, but I run about 25 to 40 grams of botanicals per proof litter in my basket. 25g is for a mild gin with 9 botanicals and close to 40 grams for a full flavor gin with 23 botanicals
  5. This is old, but you should be able to remove chlorine with a carbon block. RO should only be needed if you are trying to remove iron or the like
  6. Falling Rock, Thank you for your suggestion, I thought about it, but the numbers will be off, you will be testing a solution with a cavity of say 1.07 rather than 1.01, with no left over yeast, high is sugars, etc, etc. I am dealing with a rough dude that wants to know where the sample came from. In that case testing none-alcoholic beer will be more acurate test. at the end of the day I was able to obtain some backset from a distillery, I will have that tested. I also received some numbers from another distillery who is willing to allow us to use them as reference. I will start with the numbers that the distillery provided us and see how that goes, i will keep the certified lab results if needed. again thank you for your suggestion.
  7. Guys, i was looking for some guidance on bulk pricing of raw materials. i know location matters, but if you can give local pricing ranges that would be great again i thank you for your help what should i expect for the following - just trying to understand what i should pay so that i can negotiate the prices -Bulk Molasses (any type) -None GMO corn (dent corn) -sugar (any type) -2 row Malt -rye -wheat I thank you again for you help here
  8. looking into that right now. once i get the figures i will post them for everyone. what a pain
  9. Thanks Man, I am sure i will find what I need. I have read all those documents on google, there is great information no doubt about that, but my good friends at the swage department will not consider anything other that a comparison to small distillery that makes whiskey. I do appreciate your help
  10. Hey folks, i really need your help here, we are starting a new distillery and the local folks are asking a great question. We will make whiskey. What we are mostly interested in are the highlighted areas below total BOD per mg/l and TSS per mg/l, keeping in mind that the backset/spent grains (spillage) and spent yeast will go to the farmers (we will use conical fermentors and we harvest the yeast) we also use a 2 micron filter before sending the beer to the still kettle. we will use an average of 2- 2.5 pounds of grain per gallon of water and all of our wort will be lautered. we will not be fermenting on the grain. any help will be very valuable. if you know of a company that does this type of work, i will gladly pay for their services. Thank you gain Chemical, Physical or Biological characteristic Standards Biochemical oxygen demand 145 Lbs. a day at a concentration not to exceed 200 mg/l TSS 145 Lbs. a day at a concentration not to exceed 200 mg/l
  11. Thank you. Not distilling at all, i just presented a process for the question. Is there not a template or a standard for TSS and BOD?
  12. James, thank you for the post and the link. However i am still having a heck of a time. i am trying to figure out what my TSS and BoD is, we later our beer prior to distillation, we harvest our yeast and when we dump it, we will provide to our local pig farmer along with the spent grains mixed with backset, he said he is fine with that soup/mix. that being said is there a template to help me figure out and convince our sewage department? any help here will be more than welcome
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