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  1. I use the 4" racks with 52 gal. barrels. 1. The gap between the bung hole and the bottom of the barrel above it is 6 inches. Access is good provided the racks have inside cross bars. 2. A stack of 4 barrels high is 11 ft. Note: I have used 4" racks with inside cross bars for sale. They are dark brown powder coated. I am located in Livermore CA. if you want to check out how they work. Call Mike @ 925-980-0269
  2. I have focused my distillery on brandy because I could sell direct through my tasting room. Does AB 1295 now permit me to make and sell whiskey?
  3. I forgot to mention that two of the spirits are Absinthe Blanche and Absinthe Verte.
  4. I am a new (1 year old) craft distillery. I have produced seven spirits so far. I would like to enter them into a couple of spirit competitions. As we all know, there are many competitions out there and they are all expensive. My question is; which competitions deliver the most bang for the buck? Or, is there a better way to gain product credibility?
  5. To PeteB, Are you doing two passes with an alembic?
  6. Thank you for your responses. The information was helpful.
  7. I am a winery that is also a distillery located in California. I have been told that tasting and selling my spirits (various forms of brandy) and wines direct to customers in the same facility is legal as long the spirits are distilled from wine. I believe this to be true because I have observed others doing it. But I have a lot questions: As a winery, I can sell wine by the glass. As a DSP, can I sell shots? Can I sell cocktails made with my spirits at a public or private event in my facility? Can I sell direct to bars and restaurants? Can I sample my spirits at an off-premise wine tasting event? Your experience is greatly appreciated.
  8. Can good brandy be made from bad wine? I am a nu-bee small producer that started out as a winery. Over the years I accumulated over two hundred barrels of flawed wines that were not fit to be bottled. I ignored these barrels of bad wine for several years. When it came time to move my facility, I opened some of the barrels. I was amazed that the wine (although badly oxidized) was not vinegar.Now licensed as a DSP , I have been using this badly oxidized wine to make neutral grape spirit (190 proof) and some amazing Vodka. Needless to say, the head and tail cuts are quite large but I can produce extremely clean hearts. The Vodka requires an additional pass through the plated column but emerges super smooth with just enough wine character to be very pleasing. I start by using a 26 gal. compound still (4" SS column with copper packing and a reflux condenser) as a stripper. The low wines produced are not appetizing . Then I re distill using a 26 gal. 4" ten plate copper reflux column. The heart cut from this spirit run is flavorful in its own way, but it doesn't speak "BRANDY" to me. My question is, can oxidized wines make a decent barrel aged brandy? When I am sampling the collection jars, the rejects smell and taste of paint thinner, nail polish, etc.. The heart tastes and smells wonderful but seems "too clean" to make an interesting brandy. I don't want to waste a lot of time putting neutral spirit into barrels if all I am going to get is barrel extract. Your experiences would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I have been a winery for fifteen years. I just added on the distilling license a year ago. So far, I have been using my own inventory of less-than-great wine. It is working out great. Kinda like spinning straw into gold.
  10. We are a new distillery based in Livermore CA. specializing in brandy and libations made from grape neutral spirits.
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