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  1. I think everyones experience will be different but I put all of our stills together and have had most parts of them apart for cleaning/maintenance and genuinely cannot find any issues. I'm from a precision engineering background so would flag it if I wasn't happy or thought the workmanship was poor. It could be as simply as a different operator working on part of the still or pipework and it was missed. Your not being inflammatory if there is in issue btw!
  2. 0.5% caustic then 2% citric acid will remove the scale and brighten the copper
  3. Mixed mash bills and copper pot still distillation 🥃. Anyone that is really interested in Irish Whiskey should read A Glass Apart by Fionnan O’Connor
  4. We have have two copper Pot-Column stills from Carl. Cannot fault the workmanship or quality, they can be a little slow in terms of support but genuinely we have found them to be excellent. They do configure things in a very eccentric way occasionally but once you understand why they do certain things it does make sense. Zero issues after 7 years with their kit so I can strongly recommend them.
  5. To be fair the devices we use calibrate the reading back to 20 degrees/c and in comparison with lab samples we use for checking the instrument they are much more accurate than the hyrdrometes for proofing Spirits. In the uk we are allowed plus or minus 0.3 percent but with the density meters we are within 0.1 percent. But in the end it depends what you are allowed to use. As long as it’s calibrated and meets the regs it shouldn’t matter aside from how easy it is to get the measurement up you need. My preference is to have both so that you can always check/verify what we are doing.
  6. We use the Anton Pat devices for all our runs in the uk. If your worried about how accurate it is, you can always cross reference it with a known good sample and your hydrometers to be sure they all tie up.
  7. We have Tri-Clamps on our Carl still and we prefer them over everything else. You can get them from http://www.aalco.co.uk/ We are in the UK and have used Aalco to a lot of spares etc.
  8. Hi all, Has anyone had any further experience of these guys? We placed an order in July '15 which was never fulfilled and we have been waiting over 6 months on a refund. To me they are a total fraud outfit who continue to try and sell products that dont exist.
  9. Enolmaster do a smaller single head machine which is ideal for 50ml bottles. Also if you already have an Enolmaster they also do what they call a Mignon Head which is for smaller bottle sizes.
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