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  1. Hey all - with all the conversation going on about software, I thought it might be helpful to provide a quick update on where the OnBatch team is at, as of today (June 9th). Here’s where we’re at: We have a group of features that we are planning to release in the next two months. Some of these features are completed and going through testing. Others are still being built. Once this group of features is released, our dev team will begin refactoring code. Shooting for a July start date. This process will stabilize/optimize the platform and give us a more solid foundation to build out our long-term roadmap. It will take approximately 10-15 weeks. Refactoring code is a big undertaking, but users will see improvements with each day/week. In tandem with refactoring code we’re focusing on migrating clients from HoochWare. Our goal is to make their transition seamless, and to ensure they move onto a system that is well optimized. By doing this now, our HW clients will transition with the features and stability they’re used to. We're excited to work through this process and deliver our innovative features on a stable platform. We have a long term vision for OnBatch and this is just the next step in that process. Our focus is on building the best product for our clients and continuing to build the team needed to reach that goal. We have no plans of being acquired, and have declined offers in the recent past. Please feel free to DM/email/comment if you have any questions about the company or the product. We also have a monthly newsletter if you want an easy way to stay updated. Shawn Patrick CEO & Founder, OnBatch shawn@onbatch.com
  2. Totally understand and no worries. We do have plans for something very simple and inexpensive but there's way too much on our plate at the moment. Take care and I'm sure we'll talk soon.
  3. @Paul-JTDC, Congrats and we wish you the best of luck. -Team OnBatch
  4. @adamOVD I love the form you created which is very similar to what we have already developed but unfortunately, we don't offer a perpetual license. This simple form will allow you to enter what materials (raw, sourced spirits, aged spirits or WIP) that you started with and what you ended with as either packaged Finished Goods, packaged Containers (barrels, totes or drums) or WIP. This is a 2 step process form with a batch review that can be entered in less than a couple of minutes. I've attached a screenshot of the final step (review) so that you can see it's a simple process and quick to enter. Our monthly subscriptions start at a reasonable price and If you have a few minutes, I would love the opportunity to share with you on how we can help you save money and time. Thanks for the opportunity. * the screenshot attached is just an example and does not contain real data.
  5. @JonDistiller, Thank for your interest. Our original platform, HoochWare has transformed over the years since 2015 and is now known as OnBatch. Same Owner, Same Price, Upgraded Software. Our prices are posted in black & white at https://www.onbatch.com/pricing and start at $98/month. The best way to learn more about what we offer and how we can improve the processes at your distillery is through an online product demonstration. Use the link below to schedule a product demonstration for a day & time that's convenient for you. The product demonstration will be held through an online Zoom meeting where we can share our screen with you. Feel free to invite other team members to the meeting once it's been scheduled. Thanks again and we look forward to hearing from you soon. https://meetings.hubspot.com/shawnpatrick/product-demo Thanks, Shawn Patrick Founder & CEO
  6. @Davewitty You may be over thinking it. When purchasing goods (Inventory) you can simply group all inventory items into one ASSET account and then use sub-accounts for your INCOME account and your EXPENSE account. Your sub-accounts are good for separating your retail and wholesale sales income and cost of goods sold. Your accounting software should be able to break it down even further and show individual product sales & COGS. I would also separate the tasting room completely from your distillery INCOME (sales) & COGS. Hopefully this helps get you started in the right direction. Take care, Shawn
  7. Mike, The scenario for Sorghumrunner, the appropriate line number for "On Hand End Of Month" should be line 25 for Report 5110.28 which is for bulk spirits. In his case this would be for what was left over from his bottling run. Line 46 is for Finished or Packaged Products. - Shawn
  8. Asking price: $1Million More info can be found at http://www.georgiamls.com/31-Webb-Rd/CM/7556184
  9. You can try mapbuildr.com. If you have wordpress for your web site you can try https://wordpress.org/plugins/google-maps-builder Take care, Shawn Patrick Insert Distillery Name Here
  10. What code is your web site written in now? If it's .NET C#, I would simply use Google Maps API coupled with SQL Server for data storage. You can simply insert the location (stores and bars) addresses into your SQL server database and use the Google Maps API to render on a searchable map. You could take it one step further by providing a searchable details list of the addresses in addition to the map. If none of this makes sense then I would suggest hiring a developer to provide a solution that's within your budget. Just make sure to hire someone who is familiar with your current web site or the code that it uses and the Google API. Take care, Shawn Patrick Insert Distillery Name Here
  11. check you link, it does not seem to work as expected.
  12. RCHagemann, I agree with John D. You need to set your budget based on your goals. I have launched a few tech startups and have always been surprised by the unknown variables. So, you should always hope for the best but plan for the worst. As for loans, you should strongly look at connecting with a bank who can help you with a SBA for startups. The link below is a little outdated but should point you in the right direction. It's a list of banks who might be of help. The list is for the state of Arizona but a few of them are national bank names. https://www.sba.gov/sites/default/files/Lender%20List%20AZ%20V16.3.pdf Here is a list of the top 100 SBA lenders. https://www.sba.gov/lenders-top-100 I'm in the very early stages of planning for a new distillery with so many unanswered questions about this industry. I will be selling both of my tech companies & home. This will allow me to move to the northwest and get to work on growing my beard & making hooch. With that being said, my startup calculations put me close to 1 million, not including beard oil. Of course, this is based on my own personal goals. I believe it can be done for a lot less but not sure how well you can do it. Just my two cents. Take care, Shawn Patrick Insert Distillery Name Here
  13. Hmm, interesting concept but I believe it would not be considered new anymore. Plus, even though you have scraped it clean and re-charred them. The flavoring may be different the second time around. I'm sure you could easily find ways to use your renewed barrels for other products and processes.
  14. Thanks for the comments. Yes, intellectual property is important. I have begun that process and should have most of it completed in the next few weeks. I'm still probably 18 to 24 months away from distilling my first drop. I like a good challenge, it keeps me alive and awake at night. As for the Ferrari, I'm really a simple man that calls it like I see it and drives a pickup truck. Take care, Shawn Patrick Insert Distillery Name Here
  15. Hello, I guess I've been lurking long enough. I'm Shawn Patrick hailing from Athens, GA at the moment. I have been a technical geek for over 25 years with several successful companies under my belt. Well, at least successful in my own mind. I make a good living sitting at home developing software for various industries. It's time for me to hang up the mouse and try my hand at distilling. If it was only as simple as clicking a mouse. No, seriously. I am completely burnt out from the technology world and really need something different in my life. Maybe it's my mid-life crisis and that brand new shiny still looks like a bright new red Ferrari F12 Berlinetta to me. Yeah Baby! I'm currently in the early stages of planning which really means scratching my head more often than my b@11s. Luckily I know a few MBA's who are nice enough (being paid well) to write my business plan and I can spend my day figuring out what pot still to buy. After that, not really sure. Anyway, as McKee would put it, "One Dragon at a Time". I'm a master at not knowing what the hell I'm doing. Which really has never scared me before, why now. The forum has been a great resource and I appreciate everyone's participation. Thanks and I look forward to networking with a few of you while I embark upon this wide adventure of Craft Distillery. Take care, Shawn Patrick Insert Distillery Name Here
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