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  1. LB Distillers (aka Lucky Bastard Distillery) in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada has one. They named it Magic Mike and use it as a primary stripping still.
  2. I thought I saw something on this topic a while back but I cant seem to find it so Ill ask the question, Is there a simple device that will allow you to de-water grains before fermentation? I don't have pumps that will handle large amounts of solids so I mash and lauter wheat for my vodka. I Mash wheat and there is always a good amount of wort left in the grain when I shovel it out but even if i leave it to drain overnight it seems like I am leaving extra wort behind. It may not be worth the trouble but if a vacuum press or other simple device would work it might be worth the effort to collect that wort. What are your thoughts on this? My mash tun is 7HL so there is only a few hundred pounds of wheat to process in a mash. Thanks for your help and insights. Adam
  3. that thief would be 3/4". Nice work it looks excellent, I have seen several plastic ones but this would last much longer. My only concern would be that it will be very difficult to get really clean, you could fill it up and soak it in Citric, but I'm guessing it can't be scrubbed out. Great tool for checking SG before a run i would think.
  4. Hello, I've been following the site for a while now as I have been finalizing my business plan. I am located in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan and with a little luck will be opening a small distillery in the next few months. Does anyone here know about the declassification requirements for a Canadian Distillery, Ive read reports that several setups have been derated from F1, to F2 and even F3 in some cases. I am working with a mechanical engineer to sort this out but sometimes its better to ask a question than try and solve all the problems yourself. Thanks in advance for your time and I hope to meet you all down the road. Adam
  5. Wow. whiskey that you helped create! and anything worth having is worth waiting for (24hrs). but they were smart enough to raise 195K with a bunch of used barrels and very little effort.
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