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  1. Distillery Turns Stillage Waste Into Revenue With Centrifugal Sifter LEWISVILLE, TEXAS Bendt Distilling Company, a maker of handcrafted whiskeys, uses a centrifugal sifter to turn spent grain byproduct into saleable livestock feed while recovering the liquid sour mash, a valuable component in the distilling process. Founded in 2012 by Natasha and Ryan DeHart, Bendt Distilling currently produces 1200 barrels per year of straight whiskeys and whiskey blends, employing traditional distillation methods. Dewa
  2. I thought they were still operating under new ownership after Greg Lowe and his partners sold the business - but I too see the "last call" out there on the webpage unfortunately
  3. Remember, not all Centri-Sifters are created equally either. I can tell you about suitability of particular machines. Be careful in the used equipment market, you may find what "looks right" from the outside but which you'll need to upgrade on the inside. It may be a real fight to get things up and running as 8 Feathers can attest - but consider the new machineto get off on the right foot and also think about alternative financing options should you want to find a creative way to get a machine into your distillery. I can point you in the direction of a few capital companies or you may be awar
  4. From #ThrowBackThursday, let's talk beer! We are going to take you back to a time when our CENTRI-SIFTER™ Centrifugal Dewatering Screener saved the Alaskan Brewery Company a ton of capital. If you don’t already know this, beer making begins with cooking grains. Between batches, the brew vessels must be cleaned. At the time, the Alaskan Brewery Company had a problem with the bigger grain kernels settling down densely into the bottom of the tank, going down the drain into the wastewater system, bonding with the sludge, and jamming the pump. Here is what we put into our machine, and how we solv
  5. Presses offer a very dry discharge, but for high flows, the size of the equipment increases as do other ancillary equipment needs. In some cases the Kason can be used to "thicken" the sludge to allow use of smaller presses for a great solution and very dry cake. It really depends on what one is trying to accomplish. In this instance, for the required flows and dryness, the Kason Centri-Sifter offered the most reasonable results.
  6. until
    Process Expo September 19 – 22, 2017 McCormick Place – Chicago, IL Booth #4404 | Use code 95393 for Free Registration! https://registration.experientevent.com/ShowFPS171/
  7. KASON CORPORATION 67-71 East Willow Street Millburn, NJ 07041 Tel: 973-467-8140, ext 211 Fax: 973-258-9533 Website: http://www.Kason.com E-Mail: JLing@Kason.com Model MO-SS Centri-Sifter in 8 Feathers Distillery The best equipment to remove spent grains from their distillery’s discharge stream was found by 8 Feathers Distillery to be Kason Corporation’s Centri-Sifter. Substantially less expensive than alternatives from other manufacturers, the solution simplified equipment needs. Once grain is fermented or distilled, it requires dis
  8. Many people on this forum have expressed an interest in centrifugal sifters for the dewatering applications that are common in the distilling industry. Kason Centri-Sifters work very well for these applications. Kason will be exhibiting our Centri-Sifters at the upcoming International Powder & Bulk Solids Show at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois. The show runs May 3rd through 5th. This is a great opportunity to see the equipment in person. My application engineering colleagues and I will be available to answer questions and discuss your individual needs
  9. Thanks Sim, Please do not hesitate to email or call me if I can be of assistance or if you would like to bounce ideas around. Mike Hart Kason Corporation mhart@kason.com 973-467-8140 ext. 129
  10. Sim, I hope that the new machine is working well for you. Kason offers competitive pricing on replacement screens for all manufacturers of vibratory screeners. We would just need to know the diameter of your machine. There are many different screen mesh sizes available for these vibratory screeners. The Kason Mesh Chart can be found at the following link: http://www.kason.com/images/BB-1091_MeshChart2013.pdf We typically use the Market Grade or Tensile Bolting Cloth (TBC) screens on our Vibroscreen Separators. The Mill Grade is also available but is not as common. TBC screens are popular b
  11. We have multiple size units for both the Vibroscreen and Centri-Sifter. In addition, many of these models are offered in both new and factory refurbished options. The cost of the unit and replacement screens will vary depending on the size of the machine. We offer competitive pricing for replacement screens on other manufacturers' screeners as well. If you would like me to provide pricing for your specific application, please send me a message or email. The most important information required when sizing a unit is the desired capacity in GPM, the percentage of solids in the feed material and
  12. Hi Sim, Kason has a great deal of experience dewatering spent grains. We manufacture both vibratory and centrifugal screeners in the USA at our factory in Millburn, NJ. The vibratory screener (Vibroscreen) will be able to dewater the solids adequately at low rates. However, our centrifugal screener (Centri-Sifter) will be able to get the solids drier since the Centri-Sifter applies force to help push water through the screen. We have both new and refurbished Vibroscreens and Centri-Sifters available. The Vibroscreen will be less expensive than the Centri-Sifter. Please feel free to send me
  13. Kason offers a centrifugal dewatering sifter that may be a good solution at a lower price. Please PM me if anyone is still interested. Mike Hart Application Engineer 973-467-8140 ext. 129
  14. Pete, The Vibroscreen Separators are good solution for a de-watering as well. The solids will tend to come out a little bit wetter using the Vibroscreen than using the Centri-Sifter since the Vibroscreen relies on gravity to get liquid through the screen rather than forcing liquid through the screen. You are correct that the Vibroscreen will be less likely to break down soft solids than the Centri-Sifter since it has a gentler action. Small Vibroscreen Separators do start at a lower price point and they are suitable for low flow rates. If you are interested in a quote, please send me an email
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