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  1. SOLD!!! PRICE REDUCED TO $10,000. The pot and helmet are worth this much! Price: $12,500. Brand new still with copper helmet, two columns (16 plates) and more. Decided to go in a different direction. Electric heat (4 ports). See attached for exact specs. Upgraded parts, fixtures and even boiler thickness. Feel free to call or text. 510-557-2917. Serious inquiries only please. Crated and ready to go (crate never even opened). EXW shipping. Equipment in Greenville, SC [Untitled].pdf Updated drawing of 300liter still.pdf
  2. I've contacted four suppliers about a metal t-top closure for our vodka. Don't care for plastic or painted wood. Ideally looking for silver/stainless steel closure. Also need to purchase at smaller quantities if possible and embossing would be nice if possible. Any suggestions?
  3. Paul, I did not mean anything disrespectful regarding response time. You have always been extremely helpful in everything you have posted. You have a great operation there! We really value your input and suggestions. Thank you Bluestar for your input!
  4. Thanks Paul. Always a pleasure. I I sent you an email the other day about pricing for your 8/13/26 gallon SS holding containers. Can you respond to that?
  5. I was trying to be very narrow with my question because it had to do with time/output/operation time. But since you want to expand the purpose, we want to eventually get into making whiskey by using the bypass valves. Additionally, future plans are to do custom vodkas where we will make our own three lines. You are right that from the start, we don't need much but we're looking beyond the next 12 months. Others, I would certainly value feedback on run times based on energy, still and column specs provided. William ReDfined
  6. Using four heating elements that are 5 kW each, meaning there is 20kW output. I am using GNS.
  7. We're close to pulling the trigger on our first equipment. We will be using GNS and run it through a 300L still and into a six inch bubble plate column. For 300L, we know that a 4 inch column would be way too small. We hope that 6 inch bubble plate would suffice but would love your expert opinion. Thanks friends!
  8. Any other reputable filter housing companies? I didn't see where Utah Diesel sells the housing. Thanks!
  9. For people who are not building their own filter housing, where are you buying it from?
  10. Anyone have a good source for holding tanks that are 10, 15, 20 gallons? Looking for ones with NPTfitting to transfer (we focus on infused fruits so small batch infusions is what we're doing).
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