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  1. I understand that most people use Calcium Carbonate to increase the pH, but what is used to do the opposite or decrease the pH? Cheers
  2. Are there any good resources out there to learn the mashing, fermenting, and distilling processes for Rhum Agricole? Cheers
  3. I've always wanted to learn how to make my own barrels. I imagine it is a lot more difficult than meets the eye.
  4. I have always used the cold water method by filling the barrel 1/3 full with cold water and letting it stand for 3-4 hours. Then filling it to 2/3s full and letting it stand for another 3-4 hours. Finally, I top it off and keep it full until the barrel stops seeping and seals itself. I then drain the barrel and fill it. The only downside with this process is that it usually takes about 2 days. Are there quicker ways of getting your barrels ready for use that are just as efficient? Cheers, LAdistiller
  5. In your opinion, what still design works best with rum production? Pot stills? Column stills?
  6. I'm not exactly sure. What Is the desired temperature needed during the coloring stage? Thanks.
  7. My absinthe loses its color after about a week to two weeks. My coloring ingredients during my secondary maceration include: Mint leaves - 18 grams Melissa leaves - 8.9 grams Hyssop - 12.5 grams Small Absinthe - 18 grams Liquorice root (star anise) - 18 grams Citron peel - 18 grams Fennel - 9 grams Should I add more Hyssop or more petite wormwood in my secondary maceration? Cheers!
  8. Will there ever be a new mainstream vodka that can compete with the likes of Grey Goose, Stoli, Belvedere, Smirnoff, etc? Some people say that the initial capital sets them apart from most distilleries trying to create a new big name vodka and the fact that it's too saturated, but in my opinion it's 90% marketing whether you have the capital they have or not. What is your take on this matter?
  9. Meerkat, I really appreciate the help. What exactly is that program you use? That looks very useful. Cheers, Mike
  10. I don't have a proper floor scale to weigh tote and I have a 264 gallon tote full of 192 proof alcohol. How would I go about determining proof gallons and total volume after proofed down to 80? Correct me if I'm wrong, but here are my calculations... 264 x 96%=25,344 25,344 x 2 = 50,688 50,688/100 = 506.88 PG From there, I then determined total pounds of 506.88 PG at 192 P. 506.88/.28397 = 1,784.98 pounds At 80 P, 506.88/.10093 = 5,022.09 pounds So, does that mean I need to add 5,022.09-1,784.98 pounds or 3,237.32 pounds of RO water? Cheers.
  11. Can I buy NGS and then sell it without a DSP license? Do I need a still to obtain a DSP license and how big does the still need to be? if not, what license would let me purchase NGS and sell under my brand?
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