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  1. Hey there, Does anyone have a wholesale source for small 200ml sample bottles have not had much luck with reasonable prices, most of the retailers prices are more than my 750 bottles ! any links very much appreciated. Thanks Lorenzo
  2. Does this tank have a sight glass and a sample port ?
  3. We are in same boat as most of you, whiskey systems just isn't working for the price it takes a couple of hours to wade thru all the entries, is anyone using a spreadsheet that some of us can adapt for our individual operations, that gets the job done? I cannot afford the updated cost so I'm now thinking about On Batch at the $99.00 A MONTH but how long before a big software group buys them out and up go the cost ! Lorenzo
  4. Hi everyone, As a new distillery I have been learning and struggling with a lot of the reporting,, not experienced in spreadsheet creation, I thought maybe someone on the forum would share what you are using, for gauge/proof records, whether its a excel spread sheet or if you know of software that can been purchased that helps with this process. Thanks Lorenzo
  5. Like New Race manual labeler, works great additional pic's on request high quality perfect for smaller distillery operation, $850.00 includes shipping in continental USA. Cheers ! Lorenzo
  6. Michael, Thanks so much for the information, in all of the flow meter search for an ethanol compatible unit no one of the manufacturers or brokers could provide your information !!! so what can we use to double check the gallons of proofed spirits coming from the tank to our bottling line?
  7. Why exactly, when for around 1500-2k you can purchase a great RO system,
  8. Hi Everyone Are any of you using the AP 41 ? it has a most of the same spec's as the 51 and is about 2K less in price, are there accuracy problems with this instrument ? Thanks L
  9. Have been searching for a reliable meter to use for spirit transfer from one tank to another, seems the only accurate ones are turbine flow meters and the prices are all over the place what are some of you guys using? Anyone had luck with the units that are made in China? Thanks
  10. Hey Gia Spirits care to share your sparging device,, cant tell much by your posted pic Thanks Lor
  11. HI ALL, A friend sent me a link to a distillery software company called TTB Tamer ! as we are searching for a basic affordable reporting system, looks like this one could fit the bill, just wondering if anyone is using it or did a demo, I've only heard of the two company's that I have seen at the ADI conferences. Thanks !
  12. Thanks everyone, someone suggested to use a 30% glycol solution with an inhibitor, others the bromine systems, I do like the UV light system , looking into its effectiveness , so far its widely use for HVAC supply/return systems. Lorenzo
  13. Hi Everyone, Seems that my chiller water is having trouble staying clean, although we properly flushed and used an inhibitor upon start up months later we have algae growing in the poly storage tank, this is a non Glycol system,( we are located in Florida), I have researched chemicals used in cooling towers for bacteria control and they seem too dangerous to use, some can't be shipped to Florida, others have suggested a simple Bromine inoculation, which is not as corrosive as Chlorine, others have said to just fill the system with Glycol anyway! Any comments on how to control the algae and bacteria in our small system ? Do any of you who are not using Glycol having similar problems ? Thanks Lorenzo
  14. Hi Sandy Toes, I'm also looking for a density meter is the Metler your purchased working fine? does it require frequent calibration? Oh and most important is it approved by the TTB ? I could not find any info on their website stating same. Thanks Lorenzo
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