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  1. HI ALL, A friend sent me a link to a distillery software company called TTB Tamer ! as we are searching for a basic affordable reporting system, looks like this one could fit the bill, just wondering if anyone is using it or did a demo, I've only heard of the two company's that I have seen at the ADI conferences. Thanks !
  2. Thanks everyone, someone suggested to use a 30% glycol solution with an inhibitor, others the bromine systems, I do like the UV light system , looking into its effectiveness , so far its widely use for HVAC supply/return systems. Lorenzo
  3. Hi Everyone, Seems that my chiller water is having trouble staying clean, although we properly flushed and used an inhibitor upon start up months later we have algae growing in the poly storage tank, this is a non Glycol system,( we are located in Florida), I have researched chemicals used in cooling towers for bacteria control and they seem too dangerous to use, some can't be shipped to Florida, others have suggested a simple Bromine inoculation, which is not as corrosive as Chlorine, others have said to just fill the system with Glycol anyway! Any comments on how to control the a
  4. Hi Sandy Toes, I'm also looking for a density meter is the Metler your purchased working fine? does it require frequent calibration? Oh and most important is it approved by the TTB ? I could not find any info on their website stating same. Thanks Lorenzo
  5. Mt -D I agree, any time a company is bought out, it usually means changes and price increases, it least that been my experience, on this note I heard that WS was bought out by a large Canadian group , another foreign investor buying American companies !
  6. I have a brand new HAMMOND POWER SOLUTIONS made in the USA 75 kva transformer 208Y /120V 400V 60Hz 3ph with a primary neutral Never powered its still on the pallet, if you order one it will take 8-10 weeks for delivery, I had to order another because my local power company could not supply Y , needed Delta instead. Paid $3,500 plus shipping ASKING $3,000.00 Item is located in Florida , for freight estimate , weight is 580 lbs Thanks .....Lorenzo
  7. Has anyone heard back from the person posting this whiskey for sale?? looks like another one of those post where the seller never responds............
  8. Dave, I'm in the SE USA 3 of the Lowe's I visited have it on the shelf, 4 to a case .
  9. ZEP Hand sanitizer 60% Ethanol at Lowe's $23.95 a gallon AND THAT'S RETAIL !!!
  10. Hi All, Is anyone using Nitrogen or CO to clean minor dust out of spirit bottles, pro's /con's If you are using it how are you introducing it ? short blast with a hand held device like an air gun with an extended tip/nozzle? or is there a bench top device that the bottle could be pushed down on ? Thanks Lorenzo
  11. Sandytoes, I'm in touch with the Mettler Rep, their unit is looking pretty good price wise, saves about $800.00 over Snap 51. seems like a pretty good product, I'm also looking for comparisons to Anton Par Lorenzo
  12. Hi Everyone, Well we are searching for a POS system for our tasting room, there so darn many of them ! and the sales people will tell you it will even take out the garbage just to close a sale ! those of you that have tasting rooms please comment on what you are using and if long term contracts are required, and how the credit card processing is handled. Thanks ......Lorenzo
  13. Yellowstone, Are the bottles still available? Thanks
  14. Hey Lenny, I've been looking for one also, there is a Still company, i think its Specialized or Specific or something like that they brought one to an ADI conference a couple years ago, but way out of my price range !!!, found a couple of used pump over tanks that are used in the wine industry on Brew Bids but they both sold before i could pull the trigger, I still looking, but if anyone could build one it would be Paul !
  15. Thanks everyone, all of you were very helpful, Bluestar you you nailed it, the person I spoke with at TTB essentially same the same thing if it stays in production , but questioned my process to make the GIN, my product will state distilled from grain, (if they approve it !! 😁) Lorenzo
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