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  1. Only taxed on what you move out of the bonded area and it needs to be bottled. You can change the proof in the barrel with no tax consequences.
  2. They are coming back for a re-inspection. Which tells me that we have too many FDA employees with not enough to do. There are no politicians in my neck of the woods that will fight this fight... they are all made from the same cloth of big oppressive nanny government that are always here to help... right.
  3. Just got one. They almost forced us to recall. The reason.... we have the SDS for the GNS we are using but they wanted us to keep batch records and have every batch analyzed by a lab. So, they used us and now they are set to abuse us. I just told staff to cease and desist and when people call in to ask for the product tell them they can thank their government for screwing them over. Between the economic destruction from COVID orders, the continued restriction in state-to-state alcohol sales that are clearly in violation of the US constitution interstate commerce laws, and now
  4. Passing the water through a UV light is not that expensive. You can find one on Amazon.com.
  5. I believe they are brokers. They don’t finance, only refer you to others that will finance. You might be better off looking for an SBA Community Advantage 7a loan.
  6. Thanks. This is the type of answer I think I am looking for. Did you pay those as a discount to the wholesale billing, or did you get an invoice from the wholesaler to pay? Not that this makes much of a difference, but it would help me a bit in budgeting.
  7. Working with a prospect distributor that is asking me what brand launch incentives I offer. I told him I would get back to him. His general expectation is a 60-90 day program where I pay a dollar premium for product placement. One for on-premise sales and one for off-premise sales. So much for each #-bottle placement, etc. Interested in hearing from others for what they have done. I get the need. A new brand has more work associated with it to get on the shelf. Sales reps are motivated by compensation.
  8. Interesting. It can get a bit convoluted with the math for margins vs markup, but it sounds like you are doing a simple 40/30/30 based on the MSRP? So if you have an aged rum or whiskey with total COGS of $10.50 including federal excise tax and your target MSRP is $40 your price to the wholesale/distributor is $16 and your gross profit is $5.50. Assuming 30/30 wholesale-retail split their gross profit would be $12 each. Do I have that correct?
  9. This may seem like a dumb question, but I am considering being completely open about my pricing strategy with distribution partners I am courting. This includes my complete COGS and expected margins. Does anyone with experience on the wholesale side have any advice or recommendations for full disclosure vs holding more internal details private?
  10. I think one of our changes needs to be lower barrel proof. We have been doing 60% ABV. Took a recommendation from a pro producer using 30 gallons. Lowered the proof, left some head space and back into the barrels. Already noting the improvement after a month. Smaller barrel lower barrel proof? Don’t fill to the top? Seems oxygen is in shorter supply in the smaller barrels both lack of head space and lower ratio of liquid... thus more H20 and lower fill will help make up some difference. Interesting if this is the answer, as it means using more smaller barrels... which really starts t
  11. There is definitely a chemical reaction as adding water to ethanol will increase the average temperature of both when combined. Which brings up another question about the temperature of both for proofing. Colder or warmer? Warmer would seem to better facilitate integration. We proof all at once while agitating vigorously and then continue to agitate for a couple of hours. Nothing gets bottled until at least 4 weeks of rest... but generally 6-8 weeks. My problem with a multi-day proofing process is the risk of end proofing error. Spend several weeks proofing down to bottling proof...
  12. It is a value calculation. Some like to take several numbered measures of cut increments around the tails to blend the next day or two after some of the volatiles have settled. There is flavor and aromas you want from the early tails. Depending on the size of your distillation batch and the consistency of your process and outcomes, it can be difficult to nail the cuts during distillation. So you would distill deeper into the tails and save them off in smaller number containers from 1 to ??. Then you start with one and decide to add it to your collected distillate or to do something el
  13. I am in Nor Cal and have bunch of experience in this area with our two year build out. First, there is both building code AND fire code. So you will have two sets of officials that you will need to negotiate. Also, the building code and fire code are not in sync. For example, the fire code allows for the storage of casks filled with alcohol outside of the MAQ calc; however, the building code is at least nebulous here... and thus a building official can make your life hell by putting you into that higher hazardous material and occupancy standard where you will need sprinklers, containment,
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