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  1. Odin

    Odin on Gin

    Wanna see the iStill Mini and Extractor in action? Wanna see the team make orange gin? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqfH7wEG3pc&feature=youtu.be\ Regards, Odin.
  2. Our new option strategy explained: https://istillblog.com/2020/08/25/new-istill-option-strategy/ Regards, Odin.
  3. Copperpenny Distilling will be opening in 2021 ... Jan and Jennifer, congrats on your progress! Regards, Odin.
  4. An update on our lead times: https://istillblog.com/2020/08/22/our-lead-times-are-increasing/ Regards, Odin.
  5. Block Wednesday 26th of August in your agendas! As part of the iStill Distilling University’s Certified Craft Distillers Course, we’ll be live-streaming a run with the iStill Mini. We will make gin, do an extraction, and teach you how to make a product like Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla Gin. Everybody can join and watch and ask questions! Starting time? 15h00 / 3 pm Central European Time Zone. As a gesture to the craft distilling community, in these challenging times, with trade-shows and presentations being cancelled, this session will be free of charge. Anyone that’s interested in craft distilling is invited! Here is the YouTube link where you can watch and set up a reminder: Regards, Odin.
  6. Nomad Distillery's iStill 2000 is ready to be crated and transported to North America: https://istillblog.com/2020/08/20/nomad-distilling-co-chooses-istill/ Regards, Odin.
  7. Here is how we crate the iStills: https://istillblog.com/2020/08/18/crating-your-istill/ Regards, Odin.
  8. Seltzers are swiftly becoming the craft distiller's new best friend! For more reading, please see: https://istillblog.com/2020/08/17/istill-opportunity-hard-spiked-seltzers/ Regards, Odin.
  9. Tayport Distillery and Halewood Distillery, congrats on making it to the Top 10 Vodka's of the world! Proud to have you as our customers! https://www.forbes.com/sites/joemicallef/2020/08/14/the-worlds-top-10-vodkas-according-to-the-international-wine--spirits-competition/#326034f67bc0
  10. What happened at iStill, over the last half a year, is that we worked hard on a new website with a cleaner look and a better integration between our stills and services, online and (future) augmented reality. If you want to check it out, please visit: https://istill.com/ Regards, Odin.
  11. Here's a picture of a new Japanese vodka that just got introduced. It is made by one of our customers on an iStill 2000.
  12. In order to help craft distilleries create quality spirits consistently, we now introduce StillControl! https://istillblog.com/2020/08/13/improve-your-stillcontrol/ Regards, Odin.
  13. Just so all of you understand, all of our units are packaged and crated (more than) professionally. The pics of the units being put on trucks go to the crater first, and only to the customer after that. From that perspective, please check out the email we got from Valour-Lemaire Distillery from France: "bonjour, just to let you know we received the iStill 100 yesterday got to open it today That is one really well packed still, hats off to whoever has done that a brillant job! It was both Xmas and a bit of a workout. The setting up and installation is scheduled for Thursday. A bientot, Arnaud Valour VALOUR+LEMAIRE Bespoke Craft Spirits" And the Fb video that goes with it: Regards, Odin.
  14. Yesterday we shipped five iStills 500 and 2000 to Canada, Croatia, Finland, the UK, and the USA. Here are some pics of the units being picked up to be crated. Regards, Odin.
  15. Residence Act Distillery and their iStill 2000 ...
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