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  1. Where can a person find a list of spirit competitions around the country? Thanks
  2. Thinking of buying a label printer, Are they cost effective and are they user friendly?
  3. Yes, affordable distilling equipment, sorry just say your message
  4. Question? Should I remove the bubbler plates from the column when distilling gin? Thanks
  5. Morning, Includes all electrics, motor control, heat control panel. Setup for single phase 220 volt, but can be changed to 3 phase. thanks, Mike
  6. 160 gal combo mash tun/stripping still with mash pump. Price reduced to $7000.00 US. Still used for only for 8 months, one heater was bumped during transit, don't know if broken or needs new gasket. Mash pump about 4 years old . Both work good. SOLD AS IS. $8000.00 for both . Buyer will do all transport. located in Milwaukie, Oregon.
  7. Has anyone out there used the filtration equipment model ME from Ertelalsop, and what did you think of it and how many minutes did you run it per batch, thanks
  8. Question, is a 2000 amp element to much for a 10 gallon reveeneer reflux still, and please serious answers only
  9. Thank you, its nice to talk with a person that doesn't treat like S##T
  10. Making Gin in a stripping still, would a stripping still work if you infused the engredents and soak them over night if you use your final run of vodka, than run it as a stripping run?
  11. Interesting, I will give that a try, Thanks
  12. Any thoughts on a way to cool a sugar wash from 140 to 60 degrees without spending a lot of funds
  13. Looking for a small wash chiller for taking 150 degrees to 60 degrees in 150 gallon batches
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