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  1. The original barrel is an amphora. Barrels do two things when storing spirits, they add water and alcohol soluble wood components, and the provide oxidation reactions. Ceramic vessels can be made where they are essentially glass, like a porcelain tea cup, or they can be made where they leak water like with a flower pot. There are a few traditions such as awamori and pisco that use ceramic vessels for maturation. Does anyone have any information on how ceramic vessels are made for aging (types of clay, temperature fired) that can balance being porous enough to age, but not too much to loose spi
  2. I've seen using a 500 ml water bottle with a small hole in the lid, and putting it in the bung. It drips slowly in over a couple of hours. The next day, repeat.
  3. There are a couple of interesting ideas in here but I do not see a question being asked? One interesting topic may be the energy difference in producing vodka from sugar vs grain, but that falls more in the sustainability realm than scientific research. BTW we now have a group in ADI for Sustainability (https://distilling.site-ym.com/group/SUSTAIN), and will have an in-person meeting of the group at the conference in August. It would be interesting to trace it all the way back to farming and harvesting as well as processing to see what the energy differences are. If you would like to propose a
  4. In 2018 the Distilling Research Grant (https://distillingresearch.org/) was formed as a 501 c3 to advance craft distilling by providing funding for academic research. The grant is funded by an annual auction and donations. The basic of science is to ask a question, create an experiment to test the question, run the experiment to create data, analyze the data and then determine if you have successfully proven or disproven your original question. There are many ares of craft distilling which have unknowns, but are gigantic topics such as "does the terroir of corn affect the final flav
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