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  1. Hi all, we have a growing vodka product and are expanding. Something that has been on my mind is the continuous still. Our vodka is 100% corn done on the grain and has a nice body, some sweetness and no bite on the end. My question to anyone who knows is, if we switch to a continuous still does it affect the characteristics I mentioned above. Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi all, we are currently expanding into our basement. My goal is to move all fermenting, bottling and aging down there. I will be placing the fermenters beneath the still areas and was wondering when type of pump you all recommend to move our ferments up stairs. We currently use a centrifugal pump and I don't think it will be able to do the job. thank you in advance cheers
  3. I am currently speaking with them as well, you might want to try contacting some of there customers and asking. There is a list on the bottom of their page.
  4. Hi all, 2 questions. We make vodka and I am interested in making a flavored vodka using vegetables. My first question is do I have to redistill after macerating to be a vodka, ( I dont want to redistill) or can I just pass through 1 micron filter and bottle. My second question is, if I do just filter it, how will it affect proofing and how can I make sure it is correct as I have heard that sugars will affect proofing. thank you all in advance
  5. Hi guys, I ran it today it tasted fine. We added the barley at 150 which is what probably caused it. Thank you guys
  6. Hi brewstilla and thank you for the reply. We only aerate before transfer to fermentation tanks after which its left untouched. I am ruuning it tonight, is their anything I should be looking for as far as flavors or smells?
  7. Hi all, I came into today and noticed this on top of a ferment. It is 75 percent corn and 25 percent malted barley. I used 2 wine yeasts and pinnacle s yeast I have not seen this before. I dont have much experience with barley either. PH was 4.5, this is its 5th day. Grain in fermentation . Is this lost? Thank you.
  8. Do you think that my low wines are lost or is it possible that my gns will be alright? I'm just curious on your thoughts.
  9. At the possibility of looking dumb, what is epdm? The gaskets between my tri-clamps?
  10. I have a cooper head but other than that its all stainless. The stripping runs smell like corn and alcohol and has a slight haze that I am attributing to the heavy tails. This is going to be gns for our vodka so I hope whatever it us works it's way out, any thoughts on it? Yes, it comes off black and smells bad.
  11. Hi all, I am running a 100 percent corn in an electric bain marie. I have noticed a black oily residue after a stripping run. I keep finding in different places. I use PBW and Citric and I still seem to be getting spots of it especially in the parrot. Any idea what it is and if its normal?
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