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  1. Probably too big for what I need at the moment, but thanks
  2. Looking, please let me know if you have or my know of someone who has one available, please.
  3. Small Crafty Start-Up looking for like minded entrepreneurs. We seek to grow it small and grow it strong Quality essential to success
  4. Must have pluck, like living in South Florida and learn as we grow. No whiners, or know it alls need apply Especially could use a distiller looking to invest time and knowledge. I can fund start up but have limited time to run production. I also have significant connections for end users (Bars and Restaurants) looking for their own labels. Must want to live and work by the Beach however. And you have to supply your own Sandals
  5. Interested in same, although....... I'm more looking for an excel spreadsheet...............not interested in Qbks Does anyone know if the FASB has anything?
  6. Greetings all, We are looking to start a Craft Distillery, locally. Does anyone have any input on what it would take for start up funding? jim
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