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  1. It's not exactly cheap to do, but my only suggestion would be to try to screen out some of that debris and send it out to a lab to figure out what it is.
  2. Is it at all possible that there's a closure failure happening here? I've seen a lot of weird things but this sort of debris in a clear spirit is totally new to me.
  3. I have a butterfly pea flower gin waiting in the wings for the FDA approval. Seems a bit unfair that we can't use it here, but it's allowed to be used in gins that are imported and sold here. But that is what it is.
  4. When I first applied for my DSP, I was originally declined because the TTB agent interpreted any parcel of land on which there was a residence as ineligible. I had to argue that my DSP would be on a piece of agricultural farm property of 60+ acres, and that the DSP would be located in an outbuilding 100 yards away from the residence. It was a heated discussion, since clearly farms almost always have a farmers house on the parcel of land and that is not unusual. In the end they demanded that I put a fence around my DSP in case someone from the residence...? I don't really know. In the end I was approved and everything is fine. But it seems like the TTB has discretion on a case by case basis to interpret the rules differently.
  5. I figured it could be about that long, but I can be patient with it. So far all the nurseries I've spoken to only carry "male" plants that put off pollen but no berries? I'll keep looking.
  6. Does anyone have a recommended juniper communis varietal that produces a good amount of berries? I'm thinking about putting in my own shrub/trees and wondering if anyone has any experience with choosing a good producer. Thanks
  7. I've had very good results using #3 15g barrel mill cooperage with a 100% malted barley whiskey, 12 months in. Sells very well and I personally really love how it turns out.
  8. Thanks for the input. Here's the final product. So far it's going over very well.
  9. It took me about 6 weeks to get my account setup with FedEx. It definitely wasn't quick. The entire process had to go through a rep, so keep contacting them regularly to see where you are with it. Good luck.
  10. Thanks, Kurt. I'm very happy with Trysk bringing out the best in our label design. I hope you find a company that you're pleased with.
  11. I understand that aquavit is traditionally made using a neutral that originates from either rye or potatoes. It is then infused with a predominate flavor of caraway and sometimes dill, among other botanicals. Often barrel aged, sometimes not. To those that make or enjoy aquavit, would it be off-putting to see used a neutral derived from a source other than rye or potatoes? TIA.
  12. I'm very happy with Trysk Printing for my labels. Great embossing and foiling. https://trysk.com/
  13. Within the last month I just got my own spiced rum label approved. It had to go into DSS since they said it was a flavored rum. They approved it as Spiced Rum as the fanciful name, all the same font on the same line. They also approved it "rum infused with spice and other natural flavors". My spiced rum approval required a formula first, which had to be referenced on the COLA application. I had to correct some of the areas of the application to make sure the fanciful name was Spiced Rum, but other than that no problem. ETA: I'm not sure whether I could have made some minor corrections and squeezed it through as a "flavored" rum. But since I didn't want to use to word "flavored" maybe that's why I didn't have as hard a time putting it through as DSS. It's a mystery to me how they figure out these approvals.
  14. I think there's plenty of room for more distilleries. Those who make a good product and find a good niche will do well. Others may do well flooding the market through distribution. Those that don't know how to manage their growth and plan ahead will probably fail, but that's par for the course with any business. And then there will always be those distilleries that do everything right but still fail anyway. I do sort of cringe when I hear someone refer to themselves as a 'master distiller'. To me that's an honorific that you earn only from your peers after a lifetime of work and a portfolio of products that are great by consensus.
  15. Hey Odin, I follow Dark Sky Distillery on Instagram and saw them unpacking an iStill the other day. Looks great!
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