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  1. we have a neutral spirit like vodka and one canned cocktail would simply be cranberry juice and alcohol. We also have a spiced rum and would like to can a rum and "coke" there is a local soda company that would supply the cola This is what we would like as a start
  2. Trying to set up a micro scale canning operation for canning ready to drink cocktails. Is anyone doing this on a single can or 4 can system by hand? What would be the absolute minimum equipment needed to do this and how is it set up? This is not something I have any experience with and will be starting from square 1.
  3. I'm curious if anyone has experience with the iStill 500 and/or 2000 automated stills? If so, please provide a review, pros and cons. Especially with respect to efficiency, various spirits made, ease of learning to use the automation etc... Thanks
  4. Looking for a 150 - 200 gallon Mash/Lauter tun. Need to have: rake system with a false bottom in order to separate grains. electric heating, would be nice if it it jacketed, oil with elements inside the jacket Please reply with pictures, technical drawings and prices if possible
  5. I recently came across TTB Tamer for distilleries. It is priced at $33/mo. I was wondering if anyone had experience with this system and could give a review. Thanks. http://www.ttbtamer.com/#pricing
  6. We are at https://www.facebook.com/whitedogdistilling/ cheers.
  7. We have a current DSP with our bonded areas marked off along with our tasting room and retail. We are located inside a mill complex and have one of the units. Recently another unit became available 10 feet down the hall from us and we are planning to expand into it. Our plan is to keep our current location and just use it for production and alcohol storage operations while moving our tasting room and retail into the new unit. Both units are located at the same address but have a different unit #. What/how do I process this change with the TTB and what is the expected turnaround time? Cheers
  8. Recommendations for companies that will do bottle labels with no minimum orders. Asking because they all seem to be good and I wanted to hear what companies others have used and who they like. Thanks.
  9. I've definitely been getting a lot of info from everyone and it is much appreciated. I guess for now I will need to modify some of the techniques and equipment I am currently using until I can make an upgrade, the upgrade being some way to distilling on grain. Being able to back up the final product by explaining how it has our fingerprints all over the process from grain to bottle justifies calling it craft and I'm good with that. More adventures to come.
  10. I will definitely be eyeing a jacketed system, something that will allow fermenting and distilling on grain. This will be high on the upgrade list. For now I guess I just need to be more patient and diligent with the process like Still_Holler posted. I can'tr complain about the taste of the end product, very smooth with a subtle sweetness and not too much of a corn taste, just wish I was getting more sooner. Here is a link to the mash tun we use, there is a false bottom but grain is getting past the sides and some corn through the holes. http://www.bubbasbarrels.com/kettles/55-gallon-mash-tun
  11. Preferment, our 50 gallon still has heating elements and so we can't have any solids hitting it and we would rather separate before going into the fermenter.
  12. Looking for any helpful tips or DIY equipment to separate liquid from a corn & malt mash. We have been doing this by hand using filter bags at about 3 gallons at a time but this is very inefficient and doesn't always work when doing a 50 gallon wash. Saw that King's County uses a machine that does solid/liquid separation very well but it costs about $25K, so that's not going to happen. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
  13. Thanks for this info! I guess I don't have to worry about cutting that hole in the box this weekend. Over-sized heat sink, that's a good idea, thanks for sharing. You got me thinking of other possible safety issues now. The box has the EMT conduit coming from the panel, which is about 30 feet away from the still. Should i seal the locations where the conduit comes into the box and where the 2 heating elements come into the box? Could I use gasket sealant?
  14. There is a heat sink, was hard to see from original pic so I attached a new pic. However, there is not a cooling fan in this box so I'm considering add one. Thoughts on this?
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