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  1. I'm retired from TTB's National Revenue Center (NRC) here in Cincinnati where I worked as a Regulatory Specialist. I processed new DSP applications and was the assigned specialist for many of the largest domestic distillers. I know TTB's application process inside out and charge a fraction of what over priced consultants and attorneys charge. I love working with craft distillers, who as small businesses are the job creators in America. Contact me at langdonguenther@gmail.com and/or 513-257-9378.
  2. Are you still trying to get your spirits products listed in PA? I know a woman in NJ who should be able to assist you. Let me know and I'll give you her contact info.
  3. As others have stated here, your rickhouse will be an amendment in PONL. The 10 mile limitation is not found in the regulations, but was "established" by a 1990 ATF internal memorandum. If you have a bond (probably not), you will have to execute and submit TTB Form 5000.18, Change in Bond (Consent of Surety). You will also submit a diagram of your non-contiguous premises and a lease agreement. I'm sorry you're getting different answers from TTB. There was a major "brain drain" when the Technical Advisors retired at TTB's National Revenue Center (NRC).
  4. To be succinct, TTB requires monthly reports to be filed beginning with the month that your Basic Permit is issued. For example, if your Basic Permit is effective March 31st, you must file monthly reports for March and for all succeeding months that your permit is active. You must also begin filing excise tax returns by the required due date. If you are an annual filer, your excise tax return would be due by January 14, 2020 for the period January 1 through December 31, 2019. To respond to your original question: I am retired from TTB's National Revenue Center (NRC) and I know that to a s
  5. Hello Outlaw Pete - I worked with Jim at TTB. Phone me at 513-257-9378 to chat. Langdon Guenther
  6. Hi Coach, I'm retired from TTB's NRC here in Cincinnati where all applications are processed. Question 1: You do not need a bond to receive spirits transferred in bond. Question 2: If you filed your original DSP application by paper, you'll have to mail a completed TTB F5100.16 to the NRC. The latest edition, 11/2016, is available at ttb.gov. If you filed your application using Permits Online (PONL) you will submit an amendment via PONL. It's pretty straightforward. If you have any issues or further questions, contact me at langdonguenther@gmail.com and/or 513-257-9378. A caveat: PONL fil
  7. Hi - My name is Langdon Guenther and I'm retired from TTB. I worked at the National Revenue Center (NRC) here in Cincinnati where we processed permit applications for all 50 states in all commodities. I worked in the distilled spirits section. I can walk you through exactly what you have to do to terminate your bond because of the PATH Act and the lower FET rates and because you filed a paper application (pre-PONL). Phone my cell at 513-257-9378 and/or email me at langdonguenther@gmail.com and I'll be happy to help you gratis. Langdon
  8. I'm retired from TTB and worked my entire time at the National Revenue Center (NRC) here in Cincinnati in the Distilled Spirits Section. In 1999, when I started working for TTB's predecessor agency, ATF, the NRC processed about 4 craft distillery applications for all 50 states. We all know about the exponential growth that was soon to begin. I answered many incoming phone calls from folks inquiring about the DSP application process. I would tell them that their premises should be "essentially complete" before submitting their application. An ATF Inspector was assigned to conduct a field inspec
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