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  1. I having similar issues with juice. Plan on using some of these to get the big stuff: https://www.utahbiodieselsupply.com/bagfilters.php
  2. Would it be great to have more info? Yes. Consumers aren't knocking down doors for it yet. Most wouldn't understand or care about it. The flexibility in not disclosing that info is what most large producers prefer. There's also accountability - who if any will submit to any form of audit to verify what's on the label. I think we all know little self certified statements are worth. Until some companies start adopting any form of standard the large producers won't feel any pressure to do so. It will be hard to create and enforce a uniform standard. I appreciate what Matt Pietrek is suggesti
  3. Potassium Metabisulfite and Potassium Sorbate. K-meta kills, K-sorb stops growth. We're going to be using it in our recycling system. Food safe. I don't know anyone using to fight algae but hey why not try? Both are fairly cheap to use in extra high doses. https://ingredi.com/blog/potassium-sorbate-vs-campden-tablets-in-wine-making/
  4. Foreshot


    Try using wild cherry bark instead of the fruit. Available at Herbco and most other botanical suppliers. http://adiforums.com/topic/11531-botanical-and-herb-suppliers/
  5. Dude, a 12" basket is huge. Are you planning on doing vapor infusion for everything or are you going to be macerating some of it? Have you started working on your botanical load? Maybe try to calculate the physical volume of stuff you're putting in there vs how much volume a 12" basket would hold. There's also complications for botanical load for macerating vs vapor infusion (most people us less for vapor). We do partial maceration and partial vapor. Our vapor stuff is minuscule. It doesn't even cover our 4" basket's bottom. SD's gin basket is - Diameter 11 13/16" (300mm) Height: 19 1/
  6. I talked to our PLCB guy - You can't do it for your distillery, but you can do it for the PLCB stores.
  7. Looking to understand if that is consider enticement or is it ok? Especially does the PLCB consider it as such?
  8. For terminology purposes: A perforated plate/tray can also be called a sieve plate/tray. You'll find in this industry that terminology is not well defined. In different countries/regions words do not always mean the same thing. There is no defined dictionary of terms. You kinda have to figure it out sometimes. https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-difference-between-bubble-cap-tray-sieve-tray-and-valve-tray-in-distillation-column If you search the forum for sieve plate you'll find discussions on the subject.
  9. Gin basket - You don't need this but it is nice. There's a number of people that weld a hook to the inside of the still near the manway and just hang a bag there. Not as effective as a basket but close enough for starters. If you have an offset gin basket you can get put all of your botanicals there and NOT have to clean all the still or plates after a gin run, just the basket, vapor path and condenser. We bought a second small still specifically for gin so we don't have to clean it as often. Whiskey Helmet - Helmets help increase reflux via a change in pressure differential. If you have
  10. Every distributor is different but generally will do their best to get as low a price as possible. Most do not just take your price and then slap on a markup. They want to sell and low prices move products. Sharing your costs will get them to look at you as a cost plus vendor. That's not a good position for a premium product. If you're looking to be a lower cost producer then it's a good idea. For craft folk I would highly suggest Value pricing. Take a look at what other craft spirits are selling for in your area and price in that range. For distributors you will need to understand what your e
  11. https://www.ttb.gov/distilled-spirits/proofing-tutorial https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtnqnEJ2hWpEZa9Udxuq7-A Much more convenient that having to download them.
  12. I forgot about this thread. I did a little research but did not report back. It could be a low level of butyric acid. Stephen from BA had the same issue & he analyzed it as such. Most likely from an infection. Yeast can produce it too though I don't know the level/reasons. http://www.milkthefunk.com/wiki/Butyric_Acid https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdf/10.1002/j.2050-0416.1979.tb06846.x
  13. Just started playing with hibiscus and will try other colored fruit/herbs/etc. For the hibiscus users - how long does the color last before fading? How off does the color go? Any way you could snap a pic to share? Thanks!
  14. - How many beer sales do you make? If X% buy a bottle how many bottles are you going to sell? If you have both a brewery and distillery you'll probably see an increase in foot traffic. How much? No idea. - I would go off of a % of your sales for the Brewery. Will it be 50/50? Probably not. Look at your average sale for the brewery and split it to how you see it - so if they spent an average of $40 on beer before the distillery maybe they spend $20 - $30 on beer and add in a bottle of spirits. This will vary wildly per sale but eventually you'll have an average. It's hard to know before
  15. If you're in the middle of Alaska, probably not many. If you're in the middle of downtown NYC, probably a lot. Asking that question without any context as to location, product, marketing experience, foot traffic, retail size, still capacity, your experience level with distilling, etc etc is a waste of time. Give us some context and we'll give you a somewhat meaningful answer.
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