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  1. Intrested in this, Can you PM me details please
  2. we rent ours out for free during the week as long as they buy cocktails and food. Its very lucrative for us. We host the Toastmasters, Business parties, birthdays and whatever else. Weekends though they need to give us a hefty rental fee.
  3. In our case, Absolutely! Our Product is very small batch and craft and hard to mass produce. Selling in a touristy tasting room is very lucrative. No if you can only afford property in the boonies then maybe mass produced product and distribution is better. With a tasting room though comes all the headaches of employees and overhead.
  4. Here is the full setup for Touch bistro POS and Mercury/Worldpay credit card processing. I switched Credit card processors and they gave me a new POS. Touch Bistro served us very well and we used it for 7 mo in our Distillery/Cocktail Lounge/ Restaurant. We did alot of business upwards of 100 to 300 a day so this system could for sure handle it. This complete system includes alot of stuff that did not come with system including the kitchen impact printer, all the cables, monitor, mouse, keyboard, Ipad stands. It also has 3 credit card swipers included. Touch Bistro is a Server/Cloud based POS system. They Charge 149 a month but you have to purchase equipment first. I paid over $3200 for all these bits. Below is an itemized list. I am asking $2000 for complete setup. just plug it up and call touchbistro. 1- Star SP700 Series Ethernet Impact Printer 1- 2.6 GHz Intel Dual Core Apple Mac Mini 1- Apple Airport Extreme Wireless Router, White 2- Apple iPad 9.7", 32GB, Wifi, Space Gray 2- Star Micronics CD3 1616 Automatic Cash Drawer 2- Star Micronics TSP143IIILAN Ethernet Receipt Printer, Gray 3- Magtek credit card swipers All the cables including Network, and HDMI 1- Server monitor 17in 2- Ipad chargers 1- Keyboard 1- wireless mouse
  5. Hey guys, Bought this new for $2300 and it will not work for my bottles and labels. great machine and will do tapered bottles. My problem is I have tapered bottles and extremely complex labels. The combo does not work with this machine. Will do duel labels, and tapered. Foot press, or automatic sensor. I have all instructions included. Asking $2k free shipping in the states.
  6. We do not distribute yet so we only sell out of our tasting room. We are a craft cocktail mixology bar/resturant/distillery. we only have a 1000sqf tasting room and we do 10k to 15k weekly.
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