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  1. Aggressive agitation.
  2. I saw an older article that mentioned the still was built/designed by a friend that was some sort of equipment engineer. A big responsibility to take on for a friend. Still, too many unknown variables to know causation. A terrible situation for all involved. Hopefully they heal up quick.
  3. Hey Shawn, My name is Jordan and I'm just across the pond from you in Milwaukee. I'm to help out with any consulting services or questions you may have. I'll reach out in a message and send you my contact info.
  4. You're allowed to make a profit, but this pricing is more than double what is already packaged and on shelves. Craft distillers have a unique opportunity to help in a major way with the pandemic. Let's be ethical about it.
  5. Hy Kristian, Is anything else still available. Would love to take some things off of your hands. I'm in CO message me and I can give you my cell
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