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  1. I want to pass along my recommendation to use Dave Dunbar's Consulting Services - we engaged him to obtain our Federal Permit and DSP registration. Dave was a very knowledgeable person to work with and has a very good process to collect the data quickly and get it formatted so that it can be submitted to the TTB for approval. He is always willing to answer simple questions as well as complex ones - he is very knowledgeable in the industry and was extremely helpful throughout the process. I cannot recommend using his services enough - I want to personally thank Dave for helping us achieve our p
  2. I am interested if the stripping still combo is available Thanks Rich 2 JAS Distilling m: 412-551-4204 rich.couchenour@2jasdistilling.com
  3. Who is the manufacturer of the still and do you only have the copper tees and plates? Do you have any elements for it? Can you please post some pictures? Thanks Rich
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