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  1. I have 2 Custom Metal Craft, 350 Gallon Stainless Totes, Located in Highwood, IL New these are $1900 currently Asking $800 each Full Disclosure, These were used in sanitizer production and have been fully power washed inside and out. Both less than 2 years old. Willing to sell as set or separate. You must arrange for freight
  2. I can’t say enough good things about the service and attention we have received from Paul and his team. We have a custom configured 300 gallon Ultra Pro Vodka still, 1200 stripping still, 5x 1200 gallon fermentation vessels and a 1200 gallon mash tun. We have worked through the growing pains of opening a distillery together and I continue to receive the best of service a full year now after taking delivery. Changes and improvements to the equipment and workflow are met with enthusiasm and the backing I receive from Paul’s team has been invaluable. They are easy to work with and always willing to lend a hand and answer any questions. When the time comes to plan any expansion Paul will be the first call I make.
  3. We are looking into a cleaning/sanitizing solution and are looking for all the incredible minds here to chime in. We are stuck between going with high pressure steam or an ozone generator. I’ve spoken with many distillers who swear by steam cleaning and also brewers and wine makers who wouldn’t part with their ozone systems. What are your thoughts on the right way to go here? We would be using this for both process vessel and as well as floors and drains.
  4. Thanks @dhdunbar Incredibly helpful and fast. Much appreciated.
  5. Working with graphics guys on printed cases and doing some research. I can’t seem to find TTB requirements on case labels. I have seen to following on cases in stores and am looking for guidance on the requirements for these
  6. We are looking for a steam fitter and boiler expert to install and set up a large Rite boiler for distillery operations. Does anyone have an recommendations for contractors in the Chicago area?
  7. @Stumpy's, You're welcome to visit anytime. I may be a bit aggressive on this timeline but I'd like to be in production by Thanksgiving with the tasting room open by Jan. 1. I'll be sure to stop by when I'm in the area.
  8. Hello Everyone, Long time reader third time poster and first time introduction. We are underway here at the 28 Mile Vodka Co. & Distillery with our DSP in hand and building permit expected by the end of the week. We have a 1200 Gallon end to end plant on order from Paul Hall @Southernhighlandercapping that off with one of his 300 gallon Ultra Pro Vodka Stills. I can't say enough about the service we have received from them up to this point and Paul has always answered my phone calls when I know he's busy. Mike at MG Thermal Consulting @MG Thermal Consulting has also been an integral part of this start up process and we have a very large chiller on the way from him as well. We worked with Jerry Wages to get set up with the TTB and the process was painless. He also got us through the process and licensing when we decided to add a small brewery operation so that we could serve a couple of beers for our tasting room only. jrwages@hotmail.com I also want to give a big thanks to Danny @bluestar for letting me hang out at his place for a couple of days and bother him with lots or questions. I will keep you all up to date on progress as we start ripping up concrete here in the next couple weeks. Matt Greif
  9. 30 Days We couldn't be happier with the process. Adding a brewery permit to that so we can do a small amount of beer for the tasting room only took another 30 days. We are fully permitted on the federal side. We assumed it would take longer so we started that process before construction even began. Now we have a DSP and are still building. I can't say enough good things about the consultant we hired to do this for us. Jerry Wages jrwages@hotmail.com This process with Jerry was completely painless.
  10. Looking for the same. I will post research as I find things.
  11. I do have to run it slower for the smaller condenser to keep up but still scorched the mash. Using Ultra low watt density elements and dumping the lees off the wash prior to pumping them through a filter on the way to the boiler. No plates on either as just a stripping run.
  12. I am running a 26 Gallon testing still and having scorching issues with internal electric elements. This is a know issue and is being solved with a baine marie still on order. My main question/issue is that I am getting a brownish colored low wines when running a 4" x 20" copper column on stripping runs when dealing with an all grain wash that is fermented and distilled off grain. I can run the same wash with a 2" x 24" stainless column and head without any color to the low wines. If I charge the still with an apple wash for a stripping run on brandy I get a clear spirit with the copper column. My question is, why would I get this colored distillate only with the all grain wash. Is this coming from the scorching on the element? And why does this not happen with the smaller stainless column? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am making sure the column is shiny and clean between runs and have verified that I am not puking the column as well.
  13. @kleclerc77 What are you using for an anti-foam agent?
  14. Thanks Everyone, We are going to go ahead and put this in and stay on the safe side since we are in the design layout phase anyway. We got the DSP yesterday and now it's full speed ahead.
  15. We are in the design phase and out architect brought up the the question or installing a plumbed eye wash station. Is this a code requirement in some locations for a DSP? Just wondering what everyone else has done here.
  16. Looking at an addition onto the building we have in mind for a startup. How much impact does climate control had on grain storage? Is maintaining median temperatures in cold and hot moths important?
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