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  1. It is about 10' long (20 feet of tube in a U shape)
  2. I think the inner tubing is 1 1/2" so we have about 1/2" of cooling flow around the inner tube. I am selling my chiller and use 52 degree well water and agitation to cool the jacketed mash tank. This is working well for us and eliminates my chiller costs. It does take a little longer but it works into our day's schedule.
  3. The total cooling length is about 20 feet. The chilled water enters the outer jacket through the bottom port that sits vertically in the image and exits on the top port opposite and also vertical. The Hot mash enters the top end port (2" Triclover) and exits on the bottom end port (2" Triclover) and goes back to your mash tank. The end ports connect through a stainless pipe that runs down the center of the larger 2 1/2" outer pipe (tube inside tube). Chilled water runs between the outer surface of the inside pipe and the inner surface of the exterior pipe. Chilled water and hot mash
  4. It has 2" Triclover fittings. Looks like a 1 1/2" tube inside a 2 1/2" tube. Inner tube for mash. ~2 hours mash cool down with 45 degree water
  5. It is a 2" tube sized for a 500 gallon mash tun.
  6. 10 Ton Chiller with Circulating Pump, Heat Exchanger, and extra (brand new) Pump motor. Purchased and put into use September of 2016. Paid $18,000 and then $800 for extra pump. Asking 10K with you setting up shipping or picking up in Thompsonville, Michigan. 11K and I'll set up crating and shipping. Chiller Proposal_Invoice Iron Fish Distillery.pdf
  7. Trident tube in tube mash cooler. Like new. 6000K new. Asking 5400K packaged and shipped.
  8. New eccentric screw pump. Couldn't use due to inability to provide electrical supply. 3 phase and set up to work with VFD. Has variable speed control. Perfect condition. Over $4500 new. Asking $3800
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