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  1. We have a micro canning line for our vodka based hard seltzers. We have a good zahm meter, and are filling to the correct fill levels. Before we start using our "new to us" inline dosing and carbonation unit, we need to find someone to help us figure out why our cans are exploding! We are located in the west Michigan area, and would appreciate some leads or advice in this area. Possible secondary fermentation? Thanks so much! Zack
  2. We are waiting for the go ahead from the TTB, this would be great news, as we have a lot of GNS on hand and can help for folks working around (delivery drivers, etc) when soap and water is not readily available.
  3. Hey all, we are just getting ready to bottle our barrel aged spiced rum. We noticed even with our inline fine mesh screen on our filler, that tiny charcoal particles are making through. What’s the best way to filter these particles without taking away from flavors? thanks in advance! Zack
  4. A local moonshine operation did get approved in a new building, where the distillery is on the bottom floor, and apartments are above on the second floor. It does come down to separation. It does really come down to the local codes, and interpretation of international fire codes as well.
  5. Thanks for the pointers! We will look into this.
  6. We just made a run of moonshine (corn whiskey) we have a recipe for Apple pie moonshine that involves Apple juice concentrate, we did a 50/50 mix of concentrate and for round numbers say 150 proof moonshine. I cannot get my hydrometer or my Anton Paar to read an alcohol content. Is there a different tool for proofing something like that or do I need to do something different? Not sure
  7. Good afternoon, we are going a different direction from the pot stills we have been using. These stills were originally direct heat electric heated. All stills are 20oz, 22 gauge Revere copper. Stripping still: $7000 Whiskey still with thumper: $8000 Vodka still with column: $15,000 Please see following link for the pictures and descriptions. Shipping can be arranged, or may be picked up locally in West Michigan.
  8. Good afternoon, We are weeks away from getting our MLCC license, and have been learning/trial and error/testing for 6 months or so. We are at the point where we would like to consult/contract some help from a master distiller to show us how we could be getting better yields with our equipment and processes.. Located in the Grand Rapids, MI area. Email me at zack@blackowldistillery.com if you are interested in helping us out! Cheers! Zack Van Dyke
  9. We need a mash tun, electric single phase (if possible), agitator, no false bottom, 250 - 500 gallon preferred. Need one today if possible! Email zack@blackowldistillery.com
  10. Sorry to bump this and hijack, but It think it may add to the conversation. What is the best way to label small plastic barrels for fermenting? These barrels would only be used for the fermentation stage of test batches on our test stills. Can a sharpie be written on the side? Or is there a specific way the TTB would prefer to see the serial number on the barrel?
  11. Well, I'm in the same boat, I may be giving you a call today Joseph as we need to buy our GS1 barcodes ASAP!
  12. Take $25,000.00? Curious what else is required for it to be 100% functional?
  13. We are looking at the Shelco FOS series housing. Is this the correct series housing we should be looking at? This has been an extremely helpful thread, so thanks!
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