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  1. Hi There, Where are you located? i'm interested in the roller mill - i'm located in Ontario Canada. I see these EconoMills often - i will be using it mostly for barley, wheat and rye, but how will it do with corn?
  2. Also interested if still available, vstrati@gmail.com
  3. Good stuff, hopefully Ontario could adopt something similar soon.
  4. I know this is an old post, but i wish i saw this about a month ago haha. I have 1 globe valve on the still and one on the mash tun.
  5. Hi all! Just looking for some help from the local Ontario folks. I am building a distillery near Belleville Ontario and i am struggling to find someone who will do the steam piping for me. I've purchased a boiler from another distiller on here (thanks!). Anyone have any recommendations? i'm sort of desperate at this point. Thanks!
  6. For sale - Filtrene Chiller, unused has been sitting for quite some time for a project that never came to furition. Best offer. Photos and specs below. Located in Toronto, Canada. Will allow pickups or will ship at purchasers expense. Thanks!
  7. Focus on that last point! I too am in the final stages of building a farm distillery in Eastern ontario. You should get started now if you're planning on retiring in 5 years! haha, I've been at it since 2016 and i'm still nowhere near opening.
  8. Initially Vodka and Gin, as well as some italian spirits (grappa and amaro), but as with many, the end game is whiskey.
  9. Thanks so much. This is why I love the distillers and brewers of the world. We all are in support of each other. Much appreciated.
  10. LOL i agree. I'm located in Toronto Canada, and building the distillery a little east of here in a rural town. There have been several complaints ranging from the black fungus, fire concerns, butyic acid smells and pollution concerns. I just want to be prepared to debunk these issues come next week when I have the town hall meeting.
  11. Forgot to add the wiki link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baudoinia_compniacensis
  12. Hi There, In my recent zone change amendment for a micro distillery, one major point of opposition is the black sludge/fungus that grows around major distilleries in the world. I'm not really even sure how to argue this point, but I have no evidence of this happening on a micro distilling level. Do you guys have any experience with how to calm the public regading these opinions? Thanks!
  13. Greetings from Toronto. A little bit of an introdution: I'm in the startup phase of a micro distillery in Canada. It's has been a long road thus far, and I've always looked at this forum for insight to some of my issues. Instead of being a lurker, I'd thought I'd say "Hi!" and thank you all for your information over the past while. Thanks so much, E
  14. Hi Paul, Do you sell affordable low pressue steam boilers to Canadian customers as well?
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