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  1. I have spent rum stillage and a few hundred sheep. I am investigating feeding it and wonder if anyone here has had any experience doing that. I seem to remember an innovative contributor here named Pete from Australia or New Zealand that has fed stillage to sheep. I would either let them drink it or else saturate round hay bales prior to feeding them. Any thoughts?
  2. Dhdunbar thank you for the information. Makes me feel better knowing that! Thanks for your help! Jesse Alexander
  3. When applying for DSP how do I let the TTB know that I do not need a bond? Is there a Bond Exemption form that can be submitted instead of the DSP Bond F 5110.56? Thanks for the input Jesse Alexander
  4. Paul Southernhighlander, What kind and how many plates are you using in your 4" continuous still? How many gal per min could it run? Was it a 20gal beer or thicker that you were having clogging issues with? Old Glory Distillery was telling me they were having trouble losing alcohol out the bottom of their continuous column. I believe they also couldn't get a reasonable proof with that still either. Have you seen those issues with your continuous still?
  5. Does anyone have any experience using an air compressor to stir mash?
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