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  1. would you be interested in just selling the corking system? i have the same filler you have but a six head with capper. Some of my bottles require corks. does yours also handle shrinks to go on top of them
  2. does this machine detect the notch and center bottles with handles for labeling? Will it do handles size 1.75ml?
  3. very interested in this ssystme please contact me George Daher President & Owner Shire Distilling p: 281-375-9151 m: 281-989-8029 w: shiredistilling.com e: george@shiredistilling.com
  4. will this system do 750ml and 1.75l bottles as well?
  5. is the equipment all american made? meaning motors sensors etc...?
  6. heard back from yabara , this line sold. i wish folks would update their ads
  7. where are they manufactured? and what is lead time? i use nordic bottles both 750ml and 1750ml t-top , but also need abiltiy for screw cap what can you do for me george@shiredistilling.com
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