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  1. heard back from yabara , this line sold. i wish folks would update their ads
  2. where are they manufactured? and what is lead time? i use nordic bottles both 750ml and 1750ml t-top , but also need abiltiy for screw cap what can you do for me george@shiredistilling.com
  3. Dan is this still available? if so where are you located? also can you list the full functions of this? my email is george@shiredistilling.com
  4. is this still available? is this new or used? can i get some photos?
  5. where is this located any photos of it fully assembled from Piedmont Distillers
  6. i am interested in the labeler , how much what is make and model
  7. we add it at the end and hold for 60 minutes at 150°F. we made several batches of rye now and from here on out all will be 100% unmalted Texas Rye. Thank you again.
  8. exactly what we do, but thats because we learned from you. however we only did 90% unmalted rye 10% barley. going forward all our ryes will be 100% thanks
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