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  1. heard back from yabara , this line sold. i wish folks would update their ads
  2. email sent very interested where are you located
  3. where are they manufactured? and what is lead time? i use nordic bottles both 750ml and 1750ml t-top , but also need abiltiy for screw cap what can you do for me george@shiredistilling.com
  4. Dan is this still available? if so where are you located? also can you list the full functions of this? my email is george@shiredistilling.com
  5. is this still available? is this new or used? can i get some photos?
  6. where is this located any photos of it fully assembled from Piedmont Distillers
  7. i am interested in the labeler , how much what is make and model
  8. we add it at the end and hold for 60 minutes at 150°F. we made several batches of rye now and from here on out all will be 100% unmalted Texas Rye. Thank you again.
  9. exactly what we do, but thats because we learned from you. however we only did 90% unmalted rye 10% barley. going forward all our ryes will be 100% thanks
  10. Silk, what does that mean you take it up to 90c ? is that 90% of 100% unmalted rye?
  11. very cool, are you using malted or un malted rye or combination of both. We ran six 600 gallon 90% un malted rye mashes and for most part all went well. The last two we added another bioglucanase addition in the dough in ground water temp to reduce viscosity and that helped make cooling a breeze. Rye was most challenging mash but we hit our numbers on all runs. Either we studied right or someone above gave a litlle help We will next try 100% unmalted rye, i cant see how 10% would change much. Thank you for your feedback, look forward to coming to check you guys out some time.
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