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  1. We are looking to buy 15-30 gallon rye whiskey used barrels for a project. Call or text 6093138886
  2. We have 9 single walled tanks with 2" fittings on the bottom. All slanted bottom drain. We used tanks for fermenters and storage. Please call or Text Aaron for more info 6093138886 Sizes And Prices 1-290 Gallon -$2000 each 5- 330 Gallon $2200 Each 1-375 Gallon $2400 Each 1- 470 Gallon $3200 each
  3. I am looking for a 800-1500 gallon still and fermenters. please call or text Aaron 6093138886
  4. We just harvest a few of our 15 gallon barrels of single malt whiskey. After dumping barrels we noticed it was over charred and made the finished product almost black. We tried flitering the whiskey 2 times and it is still very dark almost black. We have never had this problem before and been dumping barrels for the past 3 years. Any ideas to clear up this whiskey to make it have a more appealing color? Thanks
  5. We have a few thousand one gallon jugs with screw caps. .50 FOB New Jersey. call or text 609-313-8886
  6. We have about 75k of 4 oz natural cylinder. Please call or text 609-313-8886
  7. We have 10,000 38/410 4cc extra gallon pumps available. Please call or text 609-313-8886
  8. We have a extra 50,000 4 oz HDPE cylinder with black screw cap.20/410. The price is .40 FOB NJ with the closure and bottle. You can call or text me at 609-313-8886.
  9. We have 11 different size stainless steel tanks non jacket. ALL TANKS ARE SINGLE WALL. Great for mash tuns, blending, and storage(water and alcohol) They are all food grade. The attachment will show all size and prices. We bought from a Storage company and they didnt have the room to store the tanks. The tanks were previously used for alcohol based product. Some tanks have conical bottoms and slanted bottoms. Also some tanks have built in agitators. All tanks have top man holes. Some of the tanks company names are( Perma-San, Cherry Burrell, vanalst metal works ,ERTEL,and George Keller INC) Please text me with the # of tanks you are interested in and i can send you pictures of the exact tank! ***Tanks located in south nj**** cheers contact  609-313-8886
  10. We currently have ex freshly dumped American single malt barrels char 4, and ex rye whiskey and rum barrels char 3. All the barrels are 15 gallon empty. FOB Mount Holly NJ 08060. $105 each. Call or Text 609-313-8886.
  11. I have 2 300 gallon stainless steel tanks. Great for blending, Holding, or fermenting! Asking $2500 each.  email me at diamonddistiller@gmail.com
  12. New Jersey seeks a Full Time Distiller due to current distiller relocating out of state.The distillery is located in a historic town that is located 30 minutes from Philadelphia, 45 minutes from the jersey shore and 90 minutes for NYC. Currently we have 7 brands preforming great and we are getting ready to launch more products in the new year! In the next 3 months the distillery will be moving into a new 20,000 sf production space! We plan to start laying down a lot of NJ grain whisky!! Responsibilities include: Run the day-to-day production. Keep the production schedule on line with the orders and distribution schedules production, Grain Handling, mashing, fermenting, and distilling spirits, as well as bottling, labeling, proofing and packaging spirits TTB reporting, record keeping, and maintenance Barrel Warehouse management Recipe Development cleaning Representing our distillery locally. Help with tours Requirements: 2 plus years in distillery experience. Multi-tasking abilities. Strong attention to detail and records Ability to lift 50-100 LB Trust worthy and loyal to brand/distillery clean driver’s licences Ability to operate a fork lift **Must be prepared to work longs days when needed** Please respond with a resume and an email introducing yourself. (Diamonddistiller@gmail.com) We are hiring immediately. The Distillery Offers paid time off, opportunities for trainings and education, company bottles and company product discounts.
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