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  1. Agreed. I guess I asking what type of hose is both cheap and can withstand the heat...
  2. I am looking for a hose / flexible pipe to connect to my pot still's outlet valve for discarding the left over hot dunder. What hose type are you all using? It has to be heat tolerant... Thanks, Adam
  3. I'd really appreciate that. It would help a lot.
  4. Hi EZdrinking, I'm glad to read that you have some experience with processing agave, and have a question on crushing the cooked pinas prior to fermentation. I have an apple mill with rotating blades (standard type for craft cideries and distilleries), and was wondering if it can handle a few tons of agave per annum? I would go ahead and give it a try, but wanted to ask first (in case it would break it). Thanks!
  5. Hi, I am starting a Rum distillery in Israel, and am looking for an International molasses supplier. We do have Blackstrap in bulk here, but I am only looking for Grade A or High Test product. Can anyone recommend a good supplier? Thanks, Adam
  6. Wow, Thanks for the thorough reply! In the IBD distillation studies they note 20C as the desired distillate output temp, but don't explain why. I assumed it is because valuable congeners might evaporate if the temp is too high, but just may be because of safety concerns (like you explain). In the cognac tradition they also talk about optimal distillate temperature in terms of spirit profile outcome. See for example this tech note from the Germain Robin distillery:
  7. Hey, It is widely accepted that distillate should be collected straight off the condenser at 15-20°C (60-70°F). My problem is that the water coming out my tap are usually around 30°C (85°F), so there is no way I can bring the distillate down to the desired temperature. What is the best (and least expensive) method of bringing the water temperature down before it reaches the condenser? My setup includes two alembic stills: 250L and 1,000L. Thanks!
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