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  1. Thanks guys, this is exactly what I needed.
  2. Are there any distillers here that ship individual bottles that can help find the required inner packaging for Nordic style bottles? I can find them all day long for wine bottles, but nothing for Nordic bottles. Something like the individual wine bottle in the picture below. Any help at all is appreciated.
  3. Anyone used the RKI GX-2012? They told me today they can calibrate it for ethanol prior to shipping and it would be a solid vapor detection device at $995. Anyone have any experience with it? They also offered up a less expensive option, the PS 2 Model for about $450, but it has no display, only 3 alert lights, where the others will give much greater detail. Any info is appreciated.
  4. Before anyone asks, yes, I am searched the forum. I am just looking to see if anyone uses a cold water bath for proofing with obscuration, or solids in their distillate. Anyone have any recommendations about where you can get one at a reasonable price? I've already got a small bench still to run this stuff on, but for accuracy, I would rather just have the temps always constant. Any advice will be appreciated.
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